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 September 25, 2012
Barbara Maple Joins Darling Harbour Redevelopment Team

 Australia's largest entertainment and events precinct will be delivered in Sydney's Darling Harbour with advice from one of the world's most respected convention and exhibition industry experts.

Barbara Maple has held a series of major international positions, including Past President of the Association Internationale des Palais de Congrès (AIPC), former Chair of the World Council of Venue Management and Past President of the Joint Meetings Industry Council.

She has been appointed as an events industry advisor to the Sydney International Convention, Exhibition and Entertainment Precinct (SICEEP) project.

"There are few people on the international scene who have Barbara Maple's events industry pedigree," Infrastructure NSW Project Director, Tim Parker, said.

"Barbara will work closely with the project team, ensuring that the new facilities, set to open in late 2016, meet the design, technological and operational needs of this highly diverse and complex industry."

Ms Maple spearheaded the redevelopment of the Vancouver Convention Centre, which received the AIPC APEX Award for "World's Best Convention Centre".

"Sydney already has a reputation as a global city -- what it needs now are world class and fully integrated convention, exhibition and entertainment facilities to support that reputation," Ms Maple said.

"The international events industry is very competitive. To stay on top and keep your market share you need to remain current with trends and innovations.

"Like any business, you have to be looking to the future. Your venues need to be able to respond to future demands," Ms Maple said.

Mr Parker said Barbara brings an insider's understanding of the highly competitive international conferences and exhibitions industry, and what clients and delegates want from venues.

Barbara Maple will work with the Infrastructure NSW project team during the selection of the proponent who will design, plan, build and operate the new world class facilities.

Two proponents, comprising leading architects, property companies and financial institutions, have submitted bids to Infrastructure NSW.

Infrastructure NSW is scheduled to recommend the successful proponent to the NSW Government in December 2012.

The current event facilities at Darling Harbour will close during construction until the new precinct opens in late 2016. A Sydney-wide interim solution will ensure the events and entertainment industry stays healthy during this period and ready to transition to the new facilities.