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 October 08, 2012
Abacus China Appoints General Manager

 Abacus China Chairman Mr Jack Zhai has announced the appointment of its new General Manager Mr Ooi Chee Teong, effective immediately.

Mr Ooi joined Abacus more than 10 years ago and was named Director of the Commercial Division in August 2009. During his tenure at the firm, Mr Ooi has overseen the development of Abacus' business development for airlines, channel management and in particular, China growth and agency relations. He spent over five years in Beijing and Shanghai as the Assistant General Manager of Abacus China.

"Chee Teong is a proven talent with expansive knowledge of the China market and Abacus' operations. He commands tremendous respect from his colleagues and is the ultimate team player," said Mr Zhai. "He is an ideal fit for China, and will be a key component for Abacus in preparation for market expansion once the new CAAC regulation kicks in."

The change in the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) Computerised Reservation System (CRS), which will enable foreign airlines to leverage distribution partners such as Abacus to enable access to their fares and content across a wide network of travel agents, is set to take effect on the 1st of October.

"I am very honoured and excited to be a part of this critical juncture in Abacus' growth strategy for China," said Mr Ooi. "Most recently I was able to help Abacus achieve an almost 20 per cent growth in Central Asia. With my experience in China, I am looking forward to penetrate the market as swiftly as possible, leveraging the wide range of tools we have readily available in the Abacus portfolio."

Abacus has continued to be a pioneer in developing and introducing new technology in China, including its online solutions (Abacus WebStart) as well as its mid-back office and productivity solutions (Abacus PowerSuite, Abacus PowerConnect, Abacus WorkSpace), which have been well-received by travel agents in the market.

"We have a very experienced team, innovative products, established presence in the market and key relationships with the Chinese travel industry. I am confident that we can help our Chinese travel partners, suppliers and customers sustain success with our involvement," added Mr Ooi.