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 November 08, 2012
International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) Elects New India Committee Leaders

 ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) has announced the appointment of the newly elected leaders of the association's India Committee. The Committee will have Mr. Jaideep Khanna, General Manager Sales Marketing & Distribution, Hyderabad International Convention Centre as the new Chairperson along with Mrs. Kalpana Oberoi, General Manager of Kuoni Destination Management India as Secretary and Mr. Girish Kwatra, Head, Meetings & More India as Treasurer.

ICCA is widely regarded as one of the meetings industry's most important global networking and business development platforms, bringing together national and city marketers, top venue operators, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, international clients, sales and marketing experts, and other leading meetings professionals from almost 87 countries. The newly elected leaders will work closely with the rest of ICCA's members in India to enhance the effectiveness of India's bidding process with regard to international events and associations.

The India Committee is determined to increase India's share of the international association meetings marketby stimulating every Indian ICCA member to make effective use of the ICCA Association Database, marketing resources, research tools and face-to-face client business opportunities. Using the ICCA network, strategic insights on best practices followed by other countries will be showcased to enable India to convert more business opportunities and to climb up the global rankings.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Jaideep Khanna, General Manager Sales Marketing & Distribution, Hyderabad International Convention Centre said, "We are confident that with ICCA we will deliver instant access to a range of research, sales and marketing opportunities to our Indian members. We will create a synergised approach and a platform for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. This will open better communication channels to enhance value and generate competitive advantage."

He said further, "We at HICC have already gained tremendously from our active involvement with ICCA, especially after we hosted the ICCA Congress in our city in 2010. We have converted many a leads generated from research done on ICCA database. Recent ones being IEEE Multi-Conference on Systems & Control --MSC 2013 and the 9th Asia Pacific Symposium on Cochlear Implants and Related Sciences --APSCI 2013."

According to Mrs. Kalpana Oberoi, General Manager of Kuoni Destination Management India, "We truly look forward to taking this initiative forward to benefit all ICCA members in India. Kuoni has been appointed for the World Agricultural Forum 2013 to be held in Hyderabad in November 2013, a lead we picked up from ICCA Database."

According to Mr. Girish Kwatra, Head, Meetings & More India, "Currently we are organising 2 international conferences based on the leads generated through ICCA Database. The events are the 18th International Conference on Listeriosis (to be organised in Goa in 2013) and Asian Conference of The Econometric Society (to be organised in Delhi). We are sure that we will certainly offer more tangible values to our existing ICCA members in India by providing more counsel on business conversion and following the ICCA training standards & guidelines".