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 February 19, 2013
HBA Introduces The Next Generation of Leaders

 HBA, a global leader in hospitality design, announces leadership expansion with nine new global Partners, doubling the number of Partners and setting in place the next generation of leaders for the firm. These changes take place as HBA records record revenue and staffing numbers, despite the global uncertainty.

Ranked as the world's number one design firm, HBA has a network of more than 1,000 designers in 16 global locations. "HBA prides itself on hiring employees with leadership potential, integrity, creativity, and the ability to work with people at all levels and locations, and at the same time never losing focus that design quality and client service are what sets HBA apart" said Rene Kaerskov, Co-CEO of HBA. Additionally, the company strives to provide its staff with unrivaled growth opportunities as demonstrated by these recent recognitions.

On the heels of being named Best Hospitality Design Institution of Asia at the 2012 Asia Hotel Awards and Best Interior Design Firm at the 2012 India IDE Honorarium, HBA is fostering industry leaders. Today it recognizes the future leadership of the industry by promoting these nine individuals to Partners at HBA:

- Carlos Francisco, Los Angeles
- Christiane Kaalund, Los Angeles
- David T'Kint, Singapore
- Federico Masin, Hong Kong
- Jacques Coetzee, Singapore
- Leo Ying Li, Shanghai
- Naresh Chhabra, New Delhi
- Nathan Hutchins, London
- Simon Berry, Illuminate

Ian Carr, Co-CEO of HBA said, "We have specifically targeted new Partners who we feel are contributing great value to HBA and who we believe will grow HBA in the years to come. All nine new partners have proven dedication to HBA's culture of creativity and quality as well as providing impeccable personalized service to each individual client."

Additionally, HBA has announced one new Principal and three new Associates:

- Sandra Cortner, Principal Atlanta
- Darrell Long, Associate Los Angeles
- Meghann Day, Associate San Francisco
- Nicole Smith, Associate Atlanta

Carr continued to say, "HBA's worldwide success has been fueled by the passion of the individual designers and teams who work here. Today we recognize those people by sharing ownership in our group."

HBA's strategy of rolling out four new offices, in Bangkok, Beijing, Istanbul and Moscow, and a new Architecture division in 2012 has kept HBA leading the trend in hospitality design. HBA's appetite for great design also extends to its corporate culture. It is the only interior hospitality design firm in the world that nurtured the development of nine new Partners, one Principal and three budding Associates.

In 2013, HBA's strategy will continue to take the form of celebrating its employees and incubating talent amongst its global network of passionate designers. As an example, HBA has initiated its own internal awards, with the best projects and designers being awarded monetary and travel prizes, fostering healthy rivalry across the firm and the pursuit of excellence.

HBA continues to define the industry of hotel design focusing on a constant refinement of our design offerings and the enhancement of our people "We have a responsibility to our industry and our clients to think beyond the normal and push the bar of excellence. We do so with a team of one thousand of the very best and committed designers" added Carr.


World-renowned as the "Number 1 Hospitality Design Firm" (Interior Design) and honoured in 2012 by the Hospitality Design Awards, Gold Key Awards, Perspective Awards, the Boutique Design Awards and the European Hotel Design Awards; HBA/Hirsch Bedner Associates, unveils the world's most anticipated hotels, resorts, and spas. Leading the hospitality interior design industry since 1965, HBA remains keenly attuned to the pulse of changing industry trends governed by today's sophisticated traveler. The company's international presence, depth of experience, and detailed industry knowledge enables them to identify interior design trends at their source, make definitive predictions about new directions and innovations, and influence design standards at a global level. HBA's ultimate objective is to add value, raise standards and enhance the brand of a project's owner and operator.

HBA creates the signature look of traditional luxury brands, independent contemporary boutiques, urban resort spas, world-class residences, restaurants, casinos, and cruise ships. From continent to continent, each HBA interior is the result of a unique and sensitive response to location, architecture, and client vision. With over 1,000 designers around the globe in 16 offices and a recent expansion in Asia, HBA is a true global company with more than 75% of its employees now outside the United States. HBA's international presence, combined with its extensive knowledge of the interior design industry, has facilitated the ability to rewrite the language of design with each new project.

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