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 June 01, 2005
inter-touch Mobile Broadband Services For Business Travellers

 inter-touch, a provider of Broadband Internet Access for business travellers across Asia Pacific, China, the Middle East and Europe, has been awarded 20MHz of Wireless Broadband Access (WBA) spectrum by Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority (IDA). The acquisition of this Spectrum elevates inter-touch as the only operator servicing the hospitality Broadband market worldwide who can deploy the next generation of wireless broadband applications to the hospitality market.

"Acquiring this spectrum is an important milestone for inter-touch as we work with our Hotel partners and show them how future technologies such as Wireless Broadband Access are essential to the business traveller. It is a significant component to fulfilling a larger vision, to provide Global Mobility Support for business travellers," said John Houston, Chief Executive Officer & President of inter-touch.

The Wireless Broadband Spectrum acquired will enable inter-touch to expand its offerings beyond traditional cable or WIFI systems, to the next generation of Broadband including video streaming and VOIP applications with mobility. This further affirms inter-touch's position as the technology leader in its industry.

"Business travellers today and into the future will ask more from the hospitality industry as they demand the same experience they enjoy from their home and office environments when they travel. inter-touch will be able to position our partner Hotels as a must for the travelling business executive who wants more from their Broadband than pure access.

"By addressing and fulfilling the needs of the travelling businessman now and into the future, Hotels can dramatically increase their value to business travellers, at inter-touch, we will deliver on the new mobile broadband paradigm so our Hotel partners can succeed in the hospitality market," concludes Houston.