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 September 07, 2005
Nokia - 'State Of Workforce Mobility' Study

 Nokia has announced the results of an extensive study into the state of workforce mobility, revealing that a disparity exists between decision makers and employees regarding the perceived and actual use of mobile technology. The study provides a number of valuable data points regarding the adoption of mobile technology in the workplace that companies can use to easily compare their own business and mobile technology deployments to those of companies found in the whitepaper. The insights gained through this comparison, and by looking at mobile technology deployments in other countries, will aid in planning mobile technology rollouts or addressing previously unknown issues and concerns related to mobile device use, mobile applications, security and fixed-to-mobile convergence.

The survey conducted by Simpson Carpenter from January through April of this year, questioned 6,000 enterprise mobility decision makers and employees in the United States, Germany and China in an effort to gain insight into the use of mobile technology, its purchase and implementation, and staff usage and habits related to mobility. The detailed findings are available today in white paper format. The three countries presented in the study were chosen in order to look at geographical differences and similarities to build a valid snapshot of three diverse areas.

"As part of Nokia's efforts to be a valued resource on the topic of mobile technology, the state of workforce mobility findings will prove useful and informative to companies, whether they're looking to apply learnings to their own business or are simply interested in having a better awareness of business mobility in countries around the world," said Olivier Cognet, vice president, strategy and business development, Nokia Enterprise Solutions. "The study presents a varied mix of both validating data, and at times surprising new insights into the perceived uses of mobile technology and employees' feelings toward it."

The study findings released today examine:

- adoption of mobile technology by company size
- the disconnect between decision makers and employees regarding the use and understanding of mobile technology
- the similarities and differences between the United States, Germany and China regarding mobile technology
- mobile device use for work purposes
- mobile application deployment
- the security of mobile technology
- fixed-to-mobile convergence
- service and support
- and additional technologies such as Wireless LAN and Virtual Private Networks