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 March 20, 2002
Wire One's Glowpoint Network Expands To Asia

 Wire One Technologies, Inc., a provider of video communications solutions, has added a new Glowpoint point of presence (POP) in Tokyo, Japan, to further expand its international IP (Internet Protocol) videoconferencing reach. The company now has 13 POPs located throughout the United States and overseas. The new POP will bring Glowpoint videoconferencing service to Japan and host multiple gateways, providing Glowpoint customers with low-cost, seamless access to ISDN-based systems in Japan and other Asian countries. Glowpoint customers calling ISDN systems in Japan will benefit from "least cost routing" by staying on the Glowpoint network until the call reaches Japan. This will result in better quality of service and savings as high as 80 percent for international video calls since the long-haul, overseas portion of the call will be carried on the Glowpoint IP network rather than ISDN. During the second quarter of 2002, Wire One plans to add multipoint bridges to the Japan POP. "Our Glowpoint launch in Japan underscores Wire One's commitment to building a global IP videoconferencing network," said Michael Brandofino, Wire One chief technology officer. "Multinational customers will benefit from the increased quality of service and cost savings generated by Glowpoint and its new presence in Japan. We believe our expanded network in Asia will help accelerate the deployment and adoption of IP video around the world."

The new Japan POP expands Wire One's gateway service, which currently includes multiple gateways throughout the United States and in the UK. The Glowpoint gateway service has many features that are not available from any other video communications service provider, including incoming video operator assistance, automatic call forwarding to audio systems, real-time online usage tracking, and the ability to initiate and receive calls to or from any ISDN system in the world, regardless of ISDN carrier, without scheduling the calls in advance.