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 February 23, 2010
Lonely Planet Joins New Southeast Asia Tourism Campaign

 The latest Lonely Planet content is now featured on, the new tourism website for the region created by the ASEAN Tourism Association. is now the primary medium for ASEAN's new global marketing campaign, "Southeast Asia: feel the warmth."

The new site aims to promote Southeast Asia as a single tourism destination. The meta-search site makes it easy to research and book multi-destination travel to and within Southeast Asia. The site uses meta-search technology developed by Singapore-based Wego Travel Search.

Lonely Planet has supplied destination profiles for 10 ASEAN member countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. "Our digital content encourages this exploration with a huge range of information, from local history and culture, to specific places to eat, shop and rest," said Mr Richard Samson, Lonely Planet's General Manager Asia Pacific.

The site allows travelers to research, plan, book and discuss a wide range travel experiences across the region. "Lonely Planet understands the benefits responsible travel can bring to communities," said Samson. "We're happy to be involved in this worthy project to assist travelers planning their journey to not just the major cities, but off the beaten track and across the wonderful region of Southeast Asia," he said.

A campaign is now under way to encourage travelers to also submit their own text videos, comments and reviews to, which soft-launched at the ASEAN Tourism Forum in Brunei on 25 January. "The aim is to inspire and motivate travelers to discover the most diverse and welcoming region of the world," said the website's Content & Marketing Manager, Scott Holmes of the ASEAN Competitiveness Enhancement project.