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 February 14, 2003
Motorola Simplifies Messaging In Eight Additional Languages

 Motorola has announced enhancements to its iTAP predictive text input technology, making it faster and easier for people to compose and send text messages in a wider variety of languages on mobile phones, handheld computers, automotive systems and television set-top terminals. The iTAP technology, developed by the Lexicus Division of Motorola, is a software solution that significantly increases the
ease, speed and accuracy of text input on electronic devices. This solution uses enhanced predictive technology that allows the user to press only one key per letter when composing text, thereby enriching the mobile messaging experience, easing navigation of interactive interfaces and enabling more efficient access to applications. Enhancements to iTAP 5.4 include:

- Predictive text input solution in eight new languages - Arabic, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Greek, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog and Turkish.
- A user dictionary that provides the user the ability to create and store "personalized" words and re-sorts alternates based on the usage
- Easy mode switching, from predictive to multi-tap to numeric to symbols modes
- Word completion, which means the user need not enter all key presses required to compose words and;
- Smart punctuation, which offers intelligent spacing for symbols and punctuation marks as well as recognition of contractions for subjects (i.e. I'll, I'd, It's, etc.).

"These improvements make communication and interaction even easier to more people around Europe and Asia," said Neal Campbell, vice president in Motorola's Personal Communications Sector. "Text messaging is truly a fun way to communicate and our latest iTAP software leverages that fun with an even better user interface."

The new version 5.4 of iTAP technology will be featured on Motorola phones including the C350, E380 and V600 models, available later this year.