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 August 29, 2003
Nokia Introduces The Nokia 2280, Its First CDMA Phone In China

 In a groundbreaking move, Nokia has introduced the Nokia 2280, its first CDMA phone in China. The phone was launched at the signing ceremony of an agreement between Nokia, China Unicom and China Putian, the exclusive distributor of the Nokia 2280 in China. The new phone is expected to be available in early September, marking the beginning of cooperation between Nokia and China Unicom in providing the Nokia CDMA experience to Chinese consumers. Chinese mobile users will now be able to enjoy appealing mobile devices and rich applications while using the world's number one mobile brand on a CDMA network.

This cooperation will also serve as a basis for the establishment of a long-term strategic alliance among the companies. "Nokia has an established reputation and a leading brand in the GSM market," said Shang Bin, Vice President of China Unicom. "We are pleased to see that Nokia has launched its first CDMA phone in China using its own CDMA chipset, indicating a strong commitment on Nokia's part. We warmly welcome Nokia's entry in the Chinese CDMA market."

"Nokia is excited to join hands with China Unicom and China Putian, serving Chinese CDMA users. As the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, Nokia has had a strong presence not only in GSM, but also in CDMA. Nokia established its CDMA R&D center in San Diego in 1991 and launched its first CDMA mobile phone in 1997." said Colin Giles, Vice President and General Manager, Nokia Mobile Phones, China. "Nokia is the only mobile phone manufacturer in the world using its own CDMA chipset across its entire product line. This enables us to meet users' increasing needs for mobile features quickly and flexibly. We look forward to serving the Chinese CDMA market; the introduction of the Nokia 2280 is just the beginning."

In June, Nokia obtained a CDMA manufacturing license allowing it to sell CDMA phones in China. The Nokia 2280 was specifically designed for China Unicom. Targeted at young-minded, fun-loving people, and first time users, the new phone offers fast and convenient voice and messaging functions.

The Nokia 2280 continues to use Nokia's renowned and user-friendly interface for easy and fast operation. A high-resolution display combined with a white backlight provides users with a bright and clear visual effect. The Nokia 2280 has a range of messaging features, such as storing up to 100 text messages (including 10 message templates) and up to 250 contacts with phone number using the same active memory. Messaging with the Nokia 2280 is convenient thanks to predictive text input. Distribution lists facilitate sending the same message to multiple recipients at the same time.

The Nokia 2280 features a portofolio of voice functionalities. It enables users to add voice dialing for up to 25 numbers and activate voice commands for up to five menu tasks. The Nokia 2280 also offers a convenient memo recorder, with up to three minutes of memory.

Three classic Nokia games, Snake II, Space Impact II and Bumper are built-in to bring additional fun to the phone.

The Nokia 2280 provides users with multiple choices for personalization, such as welcome note change and two optional Xpress-on color covers. The Nokia 2280 weighs 99 grams (without the battery), provides a talk time of over three and a half hours and a standby time of over 10 days.