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 November 25, 2003
CECT Secures Sales Contract for Its Latest Model Mobile Phone

 Qiao Xing Universal Telephone, Inc. has announced that its subsidiary, CEC Telecom ("CECT"), has signed sales contracts with its major distributors to sell 200,000 sets of the T520 model mobile phones. The T520, nick named the "Beetle," is the newest model in its product line that CECT launched to the market recently, and the company expects this new product to generate a much higher gross profit margin when compared to the other models produced.

Equipped with a double color monitor, 40 chord polyphonic ring tones and state-of-the-art technology, the T520 is specifically designed to target the 'Office Lady' consumer group. Its exterior, in the form of a water droplet, or a 'beetle' to the more imaginative ones, is unmatched in the market. The 'mirror' function would turn the monitor into a mirror, which can help its user maintain her most presentable appearance. The delicate exterior design, unique embedded characteristics are there to reflect the awareness, self-confidence and charisma of the office ladies of modern times.

Mr. Wu Zhiyang, Chairman of CECT, said, "In China, the population of office ladies is a huge 35 million and it offers tremendous potential. Our T520, matching their desire for taste and charisma, is definitely catching the eyes of its intended target customer group."

"At CECT, we are continuously enhancing our research and development capabilities and at the same time paying attention to the ever changing demands of the different segments of the market. We have developed and launched products with unique characteristics and functions to cater for different consumer groups. We have launched mobile phones for gentlemen, ladies, businessmen, students, etc., all of which have successfully penetrated the market place. We believe they would bring about substantial sales revenue to CECT," Mr. Wu added.