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August 28, 2003
3 And Motorola Unveil World's Most Advanced Video Mobile (3G) Handset

Motorola and 3 have announced the arrival of their most advanced 3G handset to date -- the Motorola A920. The handset has a full-colour widescreen display designed to showcase 3's person-to-person video calling capabilities, as well as its exclusive video content. The revolutionary Motorola A920 sets a new standard for the mobile industry and brings enhanced functionality to customers of 3's video mobile network. A mobile phone, video and still camera, a PDA, an MP3 player and gaming capability ...
August 27, 2003
Nokia Launches Mobile Entry Solutions For The Next Billion Mobile Users

At simultaneous press events in Moscow and New Delhi, Nokia presented new solutions to help accelerate the growth of the global market for wireless communications. Nokia will introduce new attractive mobile phones, business models and network solutions to make mobile calls more affordable, allowing new consumer groups to enjoy the benefits of mobility. Accessing this largely untapped market will make it possible for the worldwide mobile subscription base to reach two billion in 2008. Currently, ...
August 27, 2003
Nokia 1100 Phone For New Growth Markets

Appealing to the needs of consumers in new growth mobile markets, Nokia has introduced the Nokia 1100 phone, a robust mobile phone that provides reliability and simplicity to first time users. The Nokia 1100 phone offers voice and messaging functionality and an affordable price for fast growing markets like Russia, India and China, as well as other new growth markets in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific. The Nokia 1100 phone, launched at simultaneously held events in Moscow, Russia...
June 30, 2003
CECT Launches The First Business Smartphone In China

Qiao Xing Universal Telephone Inc., the second largest telephone manufacturer in China, has announced that its subsidiary CEC Telecom Ltd. (CECT) has launched China's first generation of high-end Smartphone that includes the Microsoft Smartphone 2002 operating system and embedded high-speed Intel 200MX-Scale CPU. The high-end Smartphone is a result of the joint efforts of CECT and the Taiwan-based MiTAC International Corp. With advanced technology, it can execute data exchanges between teleco...
June 16, 2003
Nokia 3100 Mobile Phone

Mobile personalization grabbed the spotlight simultaneously at the annual Nokia Press Update in Helsinki, Finland and the "Image is Power" event in Singapore, with the introduction of the Nokia 3100 phone, a device aimed at style-conscious mobile consumers. Encouraging individuality and self-expression, the Nokia 3100 offers a large color screen, MMS* functionality and game features, with expressive colored covers crafted of unique translucent materials and graphics. Weighing a mere 85 grams, t...
June 13, 2003
Nokia 6650 Phone In Europe, Asia & Japan Capable Of Seamless Handovers

Following the successful completion of the piloting and test program, Nokia has started shipments of the Nokia 6650 mobile phone to selected mobile operators and retailers in Europe and Asia, including Japan. Operators will now be able to provide their customers with the Nokia 6650 as a standard GSM phone, a WCDMA phone or a dual-mode GSM/WCDMA phone, depending on their network architecture. The Nokia 6650 is the first mobile phone in the market capable of seamless hand-overs between GSM and WCD...
April 14, 2003
Wire One Appoints VisionNex Sales Agent For Glowpoint In China

Wire One Technologies, Inc., a provider of video communications solutions, has announced that VisionNex, a management software and solution provider for large-scale IP videoconferencing systems, has been appointed the exclusive sales agent for Glowpoint in China and Hong Kong. The agreement calls for the two companies to develop and launch a local video communications service offering based on Glowpoint, then jointly market the service to an initial target group of approximately 30 existing Glow...
February 26, 2003
The Nokia 3650 Imaging Phone Is Now Shipping Globally

Nokia has begun shipments of the award-winning Nokia 3650 in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. The Chinese version of the Nokia 3650 has been available in China and Hong Kong since January 2003. Launched at the Nokia Totally Board event in September 2002 in France, the tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900) Nokia 3650 is optimized for an easy and enjoyable imaging experience. The device was recently selected as an Innovations 2003 winner at the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Veg...
February 14, 2003
Motorola Simplifies Messaging In Eight Additional Languages

Motorola has announced enhancements to its iTAP predictive text input technology, making it faster and easier for people to compose and send text messages in a wider variety of languages on mobile phones, handheld computers, automotive systems and television set-top terminals. The iTAP technology, developed by the Lexicus Division of Motorola, is a software solution that significantly increases the ease, speed and accuracy of text input on electronic devices. This solution uses enhanced predict...
February 13, 2003
Motorola Introduces World's First Java + Linux Handset

Motorola, Inc. has announced the Motorola A760, the world's first handset combining a Linux Operating System (OS) and Java Technology, with full multimedia PDA functionality. The Motorola A760 is designed to offer a rich end-user mobile experience based on the open source OS. Motorola's leadership in Java technology coupled with the Linux OS, arms mobile developers with an increased freedom to create new Java applications, from games to productivity tools, for smart devices like the A760. Th...

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