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April 24, 2001
Ericsson And Sony To Create World Leader In Mobile Phones

Ericsson and Sony Corporation (April 24) jointly announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the intention to create a new company that will incorporate their respective mobile phone businesses worldwide. The new company, to be named Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, will be equally owned by Ericsson and Sony and will draw upon Ericsson's leading expertise in telecommunications and Sony's leading expertise in consumer electronics products. Expected to begin ope...
April 06, 2001
Motorola's Accompli 008 - The Convergence Of Phone And PDA Arrives

There are a few of us who need both a mobile phone and a PDA in order to stay on top of complex schedules and multiple tasks. And we have to juggle both devices at once. We clip them to belts, toss them into computer bags, cram them into overstuffed briefcases. A satisfying marriage of the phone and the PDA, though obviously a good idea, has proved elusive to designers - until now. Meet Motorola's Accompli 008. This all-in-one phone embraces three of the most important technical/cultural tren...

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