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 February 08, 2001
New Palm Desktop 4.0 Now Available

 Palm recently released the latest version of Palm Desktop software for Microsoft Windows**, and it is available for free download to U.S. customers at Palm Desktop v.4.0 for Windows is an updated and innovative version of Palm's Personal Information Management (PIM) software, and synchronizes existing Palm branded handheld computers (Palm Pilot, Palm III series, Palm V series, Palm VII series, and Palm m100 handhelds).

Palm Desktop software is a great way to view, sort, find, edit, back up, and add anything to your Palm handheld. Palm Desktop software v.4.0 offers a fresh new user interface, useful new views, timesaving features, improved security, and new ways to share, send, and receive appointments and address book information. Highlights of the enhancements include:

* Elegant New User Interface View, find, sort, create and edit records more efficiently with new look and feel.

* vCard/vCal support Send friends and associates business cards or appointments electronically as vCard or vCal attachments to e-mail messages.

* New Views Display calendars for multiple months, resize columns and choose from different viewing options to format the viewing area to your liking.

- Year View - View an entire calendar year in a single window, and mouse over a date to view Tool Tips with your schedule specifics.

- Day View within Month - View today's detailed schedule and the rest of the month on the same page.

- Business Card View - Scan key Address Book information with a familiar businesscardlike view with adjustable columns and rows.

- Resizable Memo View - Custom-fit the memo view to see more information or allow easier text entry.

* Show, Hide, Mask Private Records Mask private records so you can see the existence of the record while keeping the data hidden.

* Desktop Alarms Choose to get notification on your desktop for event alarms.

* Desktop Themes Change the Desktop Software's color scheme to fit your preferences.

* Tool Tips Access specific information quickly in the Date Book views by positioning your mouse over an event.

** Palm Desktop v.4.0 supports Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and NT