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 March 19, 2001
Sony VAIO Notebook PC Line-Up

 Reinforcing its status as a bellwether brand and a trend-setter in design in the ultra-light notebook PC
category, Sony Electronics is today announcing the incorporation of two firsts into its SuperSlim Pro VAIO notebook PC line. The new PCG-R505 computer model features the fastest mobile processor available today in a super-thin design and the world's first combination DVD and CD-RW drive in a notebook PC docking station.

"We've revolutionized the design and redefined the capabilities of our 505 in a way that affords mobile executives the best notebook PC in the business," said Mark Hanson, vice president and general manager of VAIO PC Marketing for Sony Electronics. "We asked how we could enhance the travel, productivity and entertainment experience for PC users. Now, we're giving them what they wanted, which is significantly better battery life; multiple ports for efficient, cable-free connectivity; and all-in-one DVD and CD-RW capabilities for the first time in a micro-notebook."

World's Fastest Ultra-Light: The PCG-R505TS

Weighing just 3.75 lbs. and featuring a super-thin profile, the PCG-R505TS is the star of the R505 lineup. It features the fastest mobile processor available in an ultra-light notebook today -- the Intel Pentium III 850 Mhz with SpeedStep technology. It also offers the world's first combination DVD and CD-RW SlimDock docking station, which easily transforms the notebook into a versatile, adapter-free system capable of playing DVDs or recording music, images and data to a CD-RW disc in one easy click.

The SlimDock docking station is an optional accessory for R505 enthusiasts that, with its all-in-one DVD and CD-RW capabilities, retails for about $600. Full of ports for enhanced connectivity, the SlimDock
features two USB ports, a serial port, printer port and VGA-out for easy, direct hook-up to projectors or monitors. It comes with a convenient 10Base-T/100Base-TX integrated Ethernet port with an RJ-45 interface, which eliminates the need for separate Ethernet PC cards. The docking station also comes in a DVD-only model that retails for around $400.

In addition to its fast processor speed, the PCG-R505TS comes equipped with 128 SDRAM (expandable to 384 MB maximum) and a 20 GB hard drive. Featuring a new, high-capacity, six-cell lithium-ion battery, this new model offers almost double the battery life(4) of its predecessor. Users now get between two-and-one-half to four hours of standard battery life - or five to eight hours of battery life with an optional double capacity battery - allowing for extended work time or ample viewing of DVD movies while on the road.

The PCG-R505TS ships with a Windows(R) Millennium Edition operating system for about $3,000(2). Its Windows 2000 counterpart, the PCG-R505TSK, will cost about $3,100(2). Both systems should arrive on store shelves in April.

Another R505 model, the PCG-R505TE, comes equipped with an Intel Pentium III 750 MHz with SpeedStep technology, 64 MB SDRAM (expandable to 320 MB max) and a 15 GB hard drive. Featuring the Windows Millennium operating system, it will retail for around $2,500.

The PCG-R505TEK model, which has similar specifications, is available with a Windows 2000 operating system for around $2,600.

Adding to the enhanced features of the PCG-R505 is the integration of thermal management technology, designed for efficient unit cooling to benefit avid mobile users.

The R505 model has a 12.1-inch XGA active matrix TFT display - ideal for viewing presentations, graphics and video. With its Intel 815EM integrated graphics chip and up to 11MB of shared dynamic video memory, the PCG-R505 enhances graphics and video integration. Its complete suite of digital entertainment editing software and digital media management capabilities makes digital editing and customizing presentations a snap.

Enhancing the Digital Lifestyle

Contributing to Sony's expertise in converging digital technology and providing consumers with a complement of options for integrating digital devices, the PCG-R505 features an i.LINK (IEEE 1394) S400 interface to support high-speed digital video, audio and data transfer among similarly equipped Sony products like digital still cameras and camcorders. The PCG-R505 also comes equipped with a Sony MagicGate Memory Stick media slot for downloading, saving and sharing digital images, data and secure audio.

Wireless enthusiasts who become new VAIO notebook owners can take advantage of an opportunity to receive a free wireless modem through a promotion that enables them to access business-critical information, browse Web sites, read and send e-mail, obtain stock quotes and check movie listings on their notebook PCs from just about anywhere in the U.S.

The promotion, through GoAmerica, enables individuals to customize their Web browsers, add personal links and even disable images for faster wireless browsing experiences - all of which optimize wireless Internet access for VAIO notebook users.

"Just about anyone can enjoy liberation from phone jacks to read and respond to e-mail, access databases or browse the Internet - whether in an airport, in a park, or on the road," noted Hanson. "Clearly the R505 is an outstanding value."

*All funds quoted in US dollars