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 February 24, 2000
Motorola Announces New Phones; New Internet Alliances; Companion Website Offerings

 Motorola is putting the WOW into WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) by announcing the extension of its WAP-enabled phone portfolio to 6 models - including the world's first GSM tri-band GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) WAP enabled phone - personalised brand companion websites and a series of content partnerships. This is part of its strategy to deliver a world without wires, putting the Internet in your pocket.

These announcements span Motorola's three core consumer brands, Talkabout, Timeport and V. series. This significant extension of Motorola's portfolio reflects the huge market potential of WAP - Motorola predicts that more than half of all Internet connections will come from wireless devices by 2003 meaning big business for WAP and GPRS.

Fred Kuznik, President EMEA said: "This is a very strategic development for Motorola; the next generation of communications is here. Through our WAP-enabled phone portfolio, consumers will be able to access both voice and data-led information anytime, anyplace, anywhere. The announcement of the GSM tri-band GRPS WAP-enabled phone demonstrates our commitment to the evolution of a high-speed permanent Internet in the palm of your hand."

- Motorola tailors the Internet in your pocket with its own companion websites

As part of its strategy to deliver the pocket Internet, Motorola is developing tailored companion websites for each of its core brands. The first to be launched is which will allow users to access stored information, emails, Internet sites and invaluable information, including global news and share trading, wherever in the world their business takes them.

- Motorola announces new alliances for content delivery

In an industry where content is king, Motorola is announcing alliances with major Internet content providers including, Digital Bridges and to provide consumers with easy access to their favourite websites through their WAP-enabled phones. This is part of Motorola's Web W/O Wires programme, internet sites to become WAP enabled.

Rick Darnaby, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Motorola's Personal Communications Sector EMEA, commented: "Motorola is perfectly placed to deliver the same level of internet experience beyond the desktop, whether it is in the pocket, at home or in the car. Showing six WAP-enabled phones at CeBIT, offering personalised companion websites and alliances with key Internet players, Motorola demonstrates real evidence that the web without wires is here to stay."

- Motorola's Overall Strategy

These announcements are part of Motorola's strategy to deliver a future that combines mobility with the Internet, wireless and broadband delivery.

Broadband delivery is central to delivering converged communications services. Since it's merger (January 2000) with General Instrument formed the Broadband Communications Sector, Motorola has been developing leading edge technologies for converged services in the home. This includes a full range of integrated and interactive broadband access solutions to the home along with "home hubs" to handle high-speed Internet access and video entertainment, and carrier-quality voice services.

Fred Kuznik commented: "Motorola is in an advantageous position of being a major supplier across all these fields offering both communications and embedded solutions. These are the company's core strengths allowing us to link people's dreams with technology's promise"

- The WAP-enabled phones

The new WAP-enabled phones will be tailor-made for specific consumer types following Motorola's extensive research and development into the consumer market, making Internet access available for all its consumers. The new WAP-enabled phones, which will be available in June, are:

Timeport P7389i - This is the world's first GSM tri-band GPRS WAP-enabled phone. GPRS promises high speed and efficient service to a constantly connected Internet

Timeport P7389 - This is the world's first tri-band GSM WAP-enabled phone. It allows secure access to the Internet almost anywhere in the world. It operates in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas

Timeport P7389e - This is Motorola's first WAP-enabled global e-commerce phone. It combines globetrotting capability, Internet access and mobile commerce. It is capable of reading two smart cards- a SIM card and a third-party banking card

Timeport P1088 - This is a WAP-enabled integrated smart phone, personal organiser and messaging solution with Internet access

TalkAbout T2288 - This WAP-enabled phone delivers affordable Internet access and mobile communications for family and friends

V. Series V.2288 - This WAP-enabled phone has an integrated FM radio and cool PhoneWraps, and is aimed at young, upbeat consumers. It is available in three colours.

*Network Features disclaimer: Network and subscription dependent feature. Not available in all areas