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 February 14, 2000
Carlson Wagonlit Travel Selects Proxicom To Design Digital Business Strategy

 Carlson Wagonlit Travel has announced the hiring of Proxicom, Inc. a leading Internet consulting and e-business development company. Proxicom delivers innovative Internet-based solutions and applications for Fortune 500 and global companies around the world and has been selected by Carlson Wagonlit Travel to assist with designing the company's digital business strategy and blueprint. In addition, Carlson Wagonlit Travel is pleased to announce the appointment of Robin Schleien as chief operating officer, Digital Business.

"Our company is dedicated to providing clients with an integrated end-to-end travel management solution in a digital world," said Jon Madonna, president and chief executive officer, Carlson Wagonlit Travel. "One of our strategic initiatives is to become a world leader in digital travel services. To be successful in today's environment, we must give our clients the finest T&E experience in the industry through the fusion of digital, traditional and partner value-added services. Our global presence and existing client base are strong assets in reaching our objectives. I'm extremely excited about our relationship with Proxicom and with the appointment of Robin Schleien as COO of digital business."

"E-commerce continues to reshape the way business is conducted; in the travel industry specifically, economic pressure, expanding digital access and cultural readiness are fueling rapid business transitions," said Madonna. "Carlson Wagonlit Travel is intent on being the market leader in this new arena. We have the strength and full support of our shareholders (Accor and Carlson Companies, Inc.) in this effort and will leverage the knowledge and resources that exist throughout both companies. When you combine the power of our current partnerships and technology investments, we have the resources, experience and intellectual capital to achieve our goals."

Founded in 1991, Proxicom has completed 750 successful e-business client engagements since 1994. "We will be working with Carlson Wagonlit Travel as business partners, from developing their global e-commerce strategy to creating the industry standard for total client experience," said Raul Fernandez, chairman and chief executive officer of Proxicom. "This is a terrific partnership because our goals are complementary. Proxicom is committed to working with companies that want to experience business transformation through the power of the Internet. Carlson Wagonlit Travel is dedicated to changing the way business travel management companies meet and exceed their client expectations."

On the appointment of Robin Schleien, Madonna said, "I asked Robin as President, Carlson Wagonlit Travel Canada, to take the lead role in determining our overall direction and strategies regarding digital business. In this capacity, Robin will lead the planning and execution of our e-commerce efforts including overall project management, marketing, branding, strategic partnerships, product definition, communications and training."

Schleien has been with Carlson Wagonlit Travel for eight years. From 1996 - 1998, he successfully led the Marketing & Business Development team in North America. During the last year, he served in the capacity of President, Carlson Wagonlit Travel Canada, where he has led a drive towards significant growth. Schleien will continue to provide leadership in this region and continues to report directly to Madonna.

"This is, without exception, the most exciting and challenging time to be working in our industry," said Schleien. "Proxicom's expertise warrants our fast progress and future success. Their proven track record as a change facilitator in the digital space, makes them the ideal partner as we change the travel management business model. Together with Proxicom, our clients and partners, Carlson Wagonlit Travel is taking aim at becoming the unqualified leader in delivering customer intimacy, caring and satisfaction."