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 March 13, 2000
Motorola Introduces World Phone

 Bringing new solutions to an increasingly mobile world, Motorola's Personal Communications sector has
introduced the world phone. Available in Canada through PCS provider, Microcell, and equipped with the latest in global roaming technology - GSM Tri-Band - it can be used on the GSM network worldwide. The first of its kind, the compact attractively designed L7089 phone will help people stay connected in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and everywhere the GSM network is in place.

Offering the latest in voice recognition technology, the L7089 features voice dialing to allow users to place calls without touching the keypad. Up to 25 voice numbers can be programmed into the phone, users then simply press the smart button and speak the name, the phone will automatically dial the matched number.

Other key world phone features include:
- Voicenote Voice recorder: leave yourself a memo when you don't have a pen, record a phone conversation.
- IRDA Connectivity: no need for connector cables; with infrared communication you can download between your phone and your PC.
- VibraCall alert feature
- Handsfree headset accessory
- Multiple language capability: simply select your language preference
- Full graphics display
- Tri-Rate Speech CODEC: uses some of the latest technology for excellent sound quality.
- 120-210 minutes talk-time or 40-150 hours standby time with the standard Lithium Ion battery. 1
- TrueSync software for enhanced phonebook and text message management

In classic black, the L7089 world phone is now available through Fido stores and kiosks across Canada. GSM service in Canada is provided by Microcell.