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 March 13, 2000
Two New Fidos: The Motorola Tri-Band L7089 And The Ericsson T18z

 Microcell Solutions Inc., a national provider of Personal Communications Services (PCS) under the Fido brand name, is now offering consumers two new digital handsets. The Motorola Tri-Band L7089 works
on the 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz frequencies, allowing business travellers to use their Fido handsets on GSM networks around the world. The Ericsson T18z is a PCS handset that offers advanced features such as voice-activated dialing and answering.

Motorola Tri-Band L7089
Designed for business people and professionals who travel internationally, the Motorola Tri-Band provides multiband functionality in a single handset, enabling customers to take their Fido anywhere in the world where Microcell has roaming agreements with GSM partners. Another key feature is the handset's infrared lens, which permits wireless data transmission, eliminating the need for a remote access cable.

"Thanks to the Motorola Tri-Band L7089, Fido customers can now travel to over 60 countries with the same handset,'' stated Yona Shtern, Vice-President, Marketing, Microcell Solutions Inc.''By launching a tri-band handset, we are offering our business customers and frequent travellers an excellent solution for their trips abroad. Fido can now follow his master to the four corners of the world!''

In addition to voice-activated dialing and answering, the Motorola handset offers the following features:

- Recording feature that enables customers to leave themselves voice messages and record telephone conversations
- Built-in vibrating call alert discreetly notifies users of incoming calls
- TrueSync software for enhanced phonebook and text message management
- Battery offering 3.5 hours of continuous talk time and up to five days of standby time
- Quick Access key to facilitate menu navigation

The price of this handset includes a smart card and a variety of accessories: battery, charger, two adapters (continental Europe and the U.K.), belt clip and handsfree headset. The Motorola Tri-Band L7089 is available at Microcell corporate stores and kiosks throughout Canada.

Ericsson T18Z
This easy-to-use lightweight handset is smaller than a computer mouse, has a retractable antenna, and comes equipped with an Active Flip and built-in vibrating call alert.

According to Yona Shtern,''Its voice-activated dialing and answering functions will be very popular with users. These leading-edge handsfree features make it easier for users to place and answer calls.''

The new handset offers:
- Up to five hours of continuous talk time
- Up to 3.5 days of standby time
- Display of up to 15 characters per line
- Choice of 23 ring types

The Ericsson T18z includes a smart card, a rapid travel charger and a belt clip.