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 March 29, 2000
Guest-Tek Announces MyAway For The Business Traveler

 Guest-Tek Interactive Entertainment announced the launch of MyAway, a comprehensive electronic concierge & portal technology designed for the hospitality industry as a means of intimately servicing their most profitable customer demographic - the business traveler.

Through partnerships with local, regional, and national content and e-commerce providers, MyAway facilitates access by business travelers to customized concierge, business center, entertainment, local guide, airport information, travel, and other services in a manner that brings the content to the user in a single, integrated focused offering. In conjunction with Guest-Tek's showcase GlobalNet high-speed internet connectivity solution, the service enables plug & play access to highly personalized broadband content from anywhere within the hotel's network, be it the business traveler's laptop, an in-room computer, or even from a hotel internet kiosk. Key to the service is the ability to generate value-added product and service transactions through to the guest's hotel folio, and preferred placement fees to the hotel. Partnership agreements and linking arrangements have or are currently being put in place with such providers as The Weather Channel, Digital City, MapQuest, CNN, FEDEX, Kinkos, OpinionWare, FlightTracker, and others.

The service will ultimately be available to the business traveler from anywhere on the internet, through a portal called MyAway will maintain Guest-Tek's traditional focus on mobile users requirements, while at the same time broadening access to that demographic from any access point on the internet. States Arnon Levy, president of Guest-Tek, "MyAway is designed with ultimate consideration given to, through the hospitality industry, the evolving needs and requirements of the business traveler. It does so by bringing together best-of-breed web content in a personalized manner that optimizes the business travelerís productivity, while recognizing that presentation, branding, and privacy are key covenants between the hotel and their guests. Furthermore, it enables the mobile user to make use of the same functionality whenever and wherever they have need for it".

Architected with the powerful combination of an Oracle 8i implementation running on the Linux operating system, MyAway is uniquely positioned to leverage a hotel's high-speed internet infrastructure with custom electronic delivery of integrated proprietary and third-party information, services, and amenities for consumption by the business traveler.

The key to the solution technology is its ability to enable customized presentation in a manner that reflects the unique branding requirements and business relationships that each hotel has, be they at the local, regional, or chain level. Furthermore, the solutionís modular architecture allows it to be integrated locally into the hotel's property management system (PMS), enabling the site to be personalized and contextualized specifically to each hotel guest while maintaining the utmost discretion in privacy that is a key covenent between the hotel and every guest.

Guest-Tek's GlobalNet solution, tailored to service the business traveler, enables those traveling with laptops to connect to the internet from the convenience of their hotel room through a simple "plug and play" procedure. Once connected, the guest enjoys reliable, secure broadband internet access at speeds 100x those of comparable dial-up rates, while leaving the in-room phone available for normal voice connections. GlobalNet also integrates securely with hotel printers and external virtual private networks (VPN's).