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 March 15, 2000
Placeware Awards 1,000,000 Frequent Flyer Miles for Not Traveling

 Web Conferencing Customers Prove Business Meetings Don't Require Travel

PlaceWare, a provider of web conferencing for Internet-based business communications, announced that it has awarded 1,000,000 frequent flyer miles to one lucky PlaceWare Web conferencing user for not traveling to business meetings! Anyone who signed up and used the company's free Web conferencing service called MyPlaceWare (, in the last six months was eligible for the grand prize.

Christina Howe, interactive marketing manager at Rational Software was the lucky winner of the grand prize. As an avid sailor, Howe plans to start using her million frequent flyer miles to fulfill a lifetime dream of attending the America's Cup in New Zealand. Howe also has become a 'winner' internally for introducing PlaceWare Web conferencing to her company. In January, Rational Software conducted nine Web conferences for new prospects - including a Web seminar that attracted 1,700 registrants. In addition, the company has scheduled 55 new Web seminars this quarter.

"PlaceWare Web conferencing has been an extension to the whole lead generation process enabling us to make contact with prospects that we otherwise wouldn't have the human bandwidth to reach," said Howe. "We're also shortening the sales cycle by moving prospects from one stage to another much more quickly."

"Giving away a million miles for using Web conferencing is the perfect way to highlight the fact that traveling simply is no longer necessary to conduct an effective live meeting," said Bill Glazier, vice president of marketing at PlaceWare. "Now through PlaceWare, anyone with a Web browser and a phone can instantly exchange information and interact in real time with colleagues, partners and customers. PlaceWare is a fresh, new way for businesses to communicate, offering a real alternative to the old, costly and time-consuming practice of business travel."

To continue to reward professionals for using Web conferencing to conduct live business meetings, PlaceWare has announced another program called WebMeeting Rewards. For more information on how to earn prizes for using Web conferencing visit