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 April 03, 2000
Motorola Provides Ultimate Communications Tool for Jetset Executives

 Motorola i2000 phone combines comprehensive global coverage with sophisticated business productivity tools

Global business executives can now communicate as easily across continents as they can across town. Motorola today launched the i2000(tm) digital world phone, the ultimate communications tool for jet-setting
executives. It is the first digital wireless phone to enable global business travelers to make and receive phone calls around the world on iDEN(r) and GSM networks. Motorola's i2000 phone is the model customers will use to access Nextel WorldwideSM service, announced today by Nextel Communications.

"Effective communication is the key to a successful business trip," said Bill Werner, corporate vice president and general manager of the iDEN Subscriber Group, Motorola, Inc. "Global business travelers value the sense of control that comes from knowing they can touch base with colleagues and clients whenever they need to, and their organizations benefit from being able to access key decision makers when needed. The combination of coverage and capabilities offered by the Motorola i2000 phone makes it a compelling choice for the demanding world traveler."

The phone operates on both GSM wireless networks in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific, and iDEN networks, which represent the most ubiquitous digital coverage in the Western Hemisphere, enabling executives to keep in touch wherever their business takes them. The handset allows users to take advantage of optimum digital wireless coverage provided by Nextel Worldwide which can permit roaming in more than 65 countries. The I2000 model was designed in collaboration with Nextel Communications, which will be the first network operator to sell the phone.

Designed for business travelers, the phone features a built-in speakerphone for impromptu conference calls and hands-free conversations, one-button VibraCall(r) discreet alert, multiple language operation, caller identification, call waiting, three-way calling, Turbo Dial(tm) one-button dialing, and text messaging.

The i2000 phone's two-way radio feature allows users to instantly communicate with one or hundreds of individuals at the touch of a button when used on an iDEN network.