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 April 24, 2000
DDI and IDO Launch Japan's First International Roaming Service

 Motorola Inc.'s Network Solutions Sector (NSS) said today that DDI Corporation and IDO Corporation has launched Japan's first international roaming service over an all-Motorola cdmaOne network. The new international roaming service capability is based on the IS41 standard, which allows subscribers to use the same wireless handset both inside Japan and when they travel overseas.

International roaming will be available initially in Korea and Hong Kong, followed by an expansion into Australia and North America within a couple of months - regions that are popular among the Japanese travelers.

"The demand of global accessibility in the mobile environment will be increasing. Approximately 16.4 million Japanese people traveled to the abroad, while approximately 4.9 million non-Japanese visited Japan last year," said Tadashi Onodera, DDI Corp. executive vice president. "We trust that our new service will be beneficial both for business and private travelers," he added.

"Japan is one of fastest growing markets for wireless services in the world where wireless subscribership exceeded 50 million last month," said IDO Corp. President Satoshi Nakagawa. "We believe that new demand for this international roaming service will add substantially to our subscriber base the same way our subscriber numbers have increased following the launch earlier this year of our high-speed wireless Internet access service," Mr. Nakagawa added.

Ronald Hamma, vice president and general manager of NSS operations in Japan, said DDI Corp. and IDO Corp. continue to demonstrate their leadership position in wireless technology by embracing this latest technological advancement. "We at Motorola are excited about the future of international roaming and the role that we are able to play in helping our customer-operators achieve their business goals," Hamma said.