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 March 15, 2000
Palm, Inc. Opens Japanese Subsidiary and Launches Palm IIIc and Palm Vx

 Palm, Inc. today announced the establishment of a wholly owned Japanese subsidiary, Palm Computing K.K., to provide sales, marketing and support for handheld computing customers in Japan. Headquartered in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Palm Computing K.K. will sell the Japanese versions of Palm(tm) branded products through approximately 300*1 computer and consumer electronics stores throughout Japan. Palm Computing K.K. will also expand Palm's Japanese distribution network, user support and developer programs.

Palm Computing K.K also announced today the launch of the Palm IIIc(tm) and Palm Vx(tm) handheld computers in Japan. Both new products are equipped with the latest Japanese version of Palm OS(r) software and are expected to be available in Japan on April 15. The suggested retail price of the Palm IIIc handheld computer will be 49,800 yen and of the Palm Vx handheld computer will be 41,800 yen.

Building on Palm's global success in handheld computing, Palm Computing K.K. will significantly expand its operations in the Japanese handheld market, using a combination of Palm branded products and strategic partnerships that extend the Palm OS platform to new software and hardware solutions. Palm will continue to work with and support its strong relationship with International Business Machines (IBM), which currently sells and supports IBM WorkPad branded Palm OS products throughout Japan. Craig Will, who had been supervising Palm's operations in Japan and the Asia Pacific region from its headquarters in California, will serve as Representative Director of Palm Computing K.K in Tokyo.

Carl Yankowski, CEO of Palm, Inc., stated, "The handheld computing industry is growing and diversifying rapidly in Japan today. The formation of Palm Computing K.K. underscores our commitment to this important market and brings us even closer to our Japanese customers. The Palm Computing K.K. team will focus on driving adoption of Palm branded products and the Palm OS platform, utilizing Palm's strengths in wireless Internet and data access and electronic messaging to drive Palm's expansion in Japan."