Advertising and Marketing Opportunities with Odyssey Media Group


 May 11, 2000 Launches New Marketing Campaign, China's leading e-commerce travel web site, has launched its first marketing and advertising campaign in China.'s new marketing campaign, the first of its kind for any e-commerce travel site in The People's Republic of China, is "multifaceted and very aggressive" according to Matthew Ng, Chief Executive Officer,, adding that, "more than just creating name awareness, the real goal is to emphasize's safe and secure on-line airline ticketing and travel services."

"We are launching a high-impact and focused marketing and advertising campaign using business travel magazines and aviation media to communicate our web site's service benefits to the corporate business customer," added Ng.

The marketing program kicked off at the recent 4th Annual E-Commerce Trade Show in Beijing, with the distribution of more than 50,000 flyers to trade show patrons and guests.

Four-color ads are now appearing on China Southern Airlines ticket jackets, currently being distributed at the rate of 10,000 per day, to domestic passengers departing from the carrier's hub at Baiyun International Airport.

Additionally, will be running full-page advertisements in upcoming issues of Aviation Today, published by the CAAC and a two-page ad spread is running in the current issue of GATEWAY Magazine, China Southern Airlines' in-flight publication. provides online domestic (China) and international air travel booking and ticketing, travel and hotel package reservations. offers real time flight and departure information at Baiyun International Airport in Guangzhou, individual seat selection and meal selection on all China Southern Airlines' flights as well as luggage and cargo information. is jointly owned and operated by Investments Pty Limited, an Australia e-commerce investment company and China Southern Airlines.

In addition to electronic airline ticketing, plans to offer additional online booking services such as e-rail ticketing, e-hotel reservations and booking, as well offering on-line newspaper/magazine
subscription services and special event tickets (concerts, movies).