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 May 23, 2000
Motorola Celebrates Year of the Dragon; 10 Millionth DragonBall Shipment

 In conjunction with China's Year of the Dragon, Motorola today announced it has reached a milestone with the shipment of its ten millionth DragonBall(tm) microprocessor product.

The DragonBall family is Motorola's DigitalDNA(tm) solution specifically targeted for advanced information appliances and messaging applications such as the popular Palm(tm) series and Handspring(tm) Visor series handheld computers, and Motorola's own two-way pagers. Since its debut in mid-1995, the DragonBall series has become the number one microprocessor sold in the handheld computer market segment.

"Our goal was to give our customers a device that was small in size, affordable, had great battery life and provided Palm with a path to feature enhancements like color," said John Cook, director of consumer product marketing for Palm, Inc. "The DragonBall has the right combination of features we need to build great products for our customers."

Industry research points to continued accelerated growth for microprocessors such as the DragonBall. International Data Corp. (IDC) predicts a compound annual growth rate of 36 percent worldwide and 29 percent domestically for handheld/pocket-sized devices over the next few years. Motorola expects the Dragonball to continue its success as the microprocessor of choice for these devices, noting the DragonBall's rich peripheral set combined with long battery life make it the ideal solution for the personal digital assistant (PDA) and other handheld computers.

"Visor has enjoyed a great level of success because it gives people an expandable feature set in a small form factor, and is affordable and very easy to use," said Ed Colligan, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Handspring. "One of the reasons we can offer those qualities to our customers is the DragonBall family of processors. We congratulate Motorola on shipping its 10 millionth unit."

"We're very pleased and honored by the success of the award-winning DragonBall family of microprocessors," said Kenny Cheung, Asia Pacific operations manager for Motorola's wireless communications division. "The DragonBall is ideal for information appliances due to its low power requirements and low cost. Its success is the result of solid performance and advanced technical features that enable customers to design and deliver state-of-the-art portable products."