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 June 12, 2000
IBM Introduces MQSeries Everyplace For Pervasive eBusiness

 IBM today released IBM MQSeries Everyplace for Windows - a new version of MQSeries for pervasive devices that enables reliable transactional capabilities to access mainstream business applications and corporate data via handheld devices, wherever mobile users happen to be.

Part of IBM's award-winning MQSeries family of products, MQSeries Everyplace will provide stability and help assure message delivery to mobile workers who regularly experience the frustrations of unstable networks, tightly constrained bandwidth and limited battery resources.

The worldwide market opportunity for pervasive computing technologies and services is expected to grow to more than $200 Billion in the next 3-5 years. By 2003, more than 80 percent of the devices connected to the Internet will not be PCs but intelligent devices and everyday appliances.

"With MQSeries Everyplace on pervasive devices," said Rob Lamb, IBM Executive, "companies can easily build reliable extensions to their enterprise applications and equip mobile workers with handheld devices that do more than just keep calendars and do email. Its once only message delivery capability and security features open a plethora of commercial opportunities that weren't previously possible. MQSeriesEveryplace makes pervasive devices real for business."

MQSeries Everyplace will help mobile workers to communicate with enterprise IT systems just as dependably as office staff. Wherever they are, a traveling workforce can use laptops, servers, PDAs and phones to keep in touch, access corporate data and update business processes. Workers communicate just once and the message is delivered just once -- no retries by the worker, no lost messages, no duplicated messages.

"MQSeries Everyplace is an exciting extension to the MQSeries family, bringing the concept of assured delivery to an expanded family of critical applications such as industrial instrumentation, SCADA, and key medical processes to name a few. MQSoftware is committed to supporting MQSeries Everyplace across our full range of MQSeries products," says Bill Cecchi, CEO, MQSoftware.

For example, - A salesperson with a PDA can dial into the warehouse to enter a new order. Credit checks and billing details can be processed in parallel with stock check using MQSeries. Other vendors can be involved using XML with MQSeries Integrator and orders can be taken even when no line is available, without affecting how the sales person works.

Key features:

- Allows mobile workers to access corporate data and applications on any of the 35-plus platforms in an MQSeries network.
- Runs on laptops, PDAs and phones allowing mobile workers to choose personal workstations to suit their current needs.
- Runs on unattended devices such as sensors and probes.
- Enables mobile workers to create a message just once and be confident it will be delivered without further action on their part.
- Provides immediate server or mainframe interaction when a link is available, and queues messages for later delivery when it is not.
- Helps ensure messages are delivered once and only once, so high value transactions are safe.
- Has simple set-up options for security and can easily work through firewalls using HTTP.
- Enables up-to-the-minute information, such as the latest stock prices, to be received via automatic transmission from servers.
- 56-bit DES encryption standard; 128-bit encryption is also available
- Pervasive Computing with Hard-Wired Reliability
- Unpredictable Internet connections can be a concern for mobile users depending on geography. MQSeries Everyplace, however eliminates this concern since it does not need to be connected for the mobile user to work.
- Transactions are stored on the device until communications are available.
- And because MQSeries Everyplace helps to assure delivery, mobile users can have no doubt that their requests will be delivered when the communication link is available.
- Another problem plaguing mobile devices is data replication, when unpredictable network connections result in the unnecessary resubmission of data. That can mean duplicate product purchases and other expensive, time-consuming mistakes.
- Because MQSeries Everyplace provides automatic transmission under control of business rules and tolerates intermittent communications failures, it makes good use of unpredictable links, sending only the minimum data required - once and only once.