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 June 12, 2000
Motorola Leads Mobile Revolution With First Bluetooth Enabled Products

 Motorola opens the Bluetooth Congress in Monte Carlo, Monaco this week with a slate of new products and agreements to supply leading personal computer manufacturers with Bluetooth wireless technology. Both IBM and Toshiba intend to work with Motorola to offer Bluetooth functionality as a customer option across portions of their PC lines. Motorola also formally announced its Bluetooth-enabled car kit - bringing Bluetooth wireless technology into the automotive market.

"Motorola's vision is to give power to the person and let them take their world with them seamlessly in the workplace, auto, home and out and about," said Janice Webb, Motorola senior vicepresident and general manager of the Personal Networks Group. "Today we are making good on our promise to give power to the person by being one of the first companies to deliver a number of working, interoperable Bluetooth-enabled products. These smart products give access to the information sources that a person wants or needs, at any time or in any place."

By combining Bluetooth wireless technology with personal computers, cars, handheld devices and cellular phones, Motorola and its customers are ushering in a new era of short-range networking solutions.

"As one of the founding members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, IBM realizes the powerful capability of Bluetooth wireless technology to enhance the usability of mobile products by simplifying the way devices connect and communicate," said Fran O'Sullivan, vice-president of mobile computing development for IBM's Personal Systems Group. "We are excited to be working with Motorola to offer Bluetooth solutions to customers."