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 June 20, 2000
Motorola & Samsung To Deploy More Than 500K ADSL Lines In Korea A Year

 Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector has announced that Samsung Electronics, a strategic associate in ADSL development, has recently passed qualification process by Korea Telecom (KT) with their fiber-to-the-curb Broadband Access Network System. Samsung was recently awarded a $65 million contract to supply their FTTC system to Korea Telecom for deployment in their Broadband Access Network, enabling mass deployment of 500K ADSL lines in Korea per year through 2002.

Built on Motorola's Smart Networks platform, Samsung's Broadband Access Network System uses Motorola's premier networking communications processors as well as the innovative CopperGold(tm) Multi-rate ADSL chipset. Motorola's MC145660 ADSL transceiver utilizes echo cancellation, enabling higher upstream and downstream rates at a longer reach.

"Motorola is committed to providing Samsung with a comprehensive range of highly integrated, cost-efficient, interoperable solutions that deliver high bandwidth Internet access to more consumers," said Matt Nelson, Motorola's Director of Broadband DSL Marketing "This deployment continues to position Motorola as a leader in the DSL semiconductor business."

"We chose Motorola's CopperGold solution because it meets specific needs and offers superior performance", said Mr. Chang Sup Shim, Director and General Manager of the Access Network Business Unit at Samsung Electronics. "The CopperGold chipset's high integration enabled our product to be competitive with higher port density and lower system cost per port."

Motorola's CopperGold Multi-Rate Transceiver is designed for use in router and set-top box applications, as well as digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM) and line card applications for the central office (CO). The transceiver supports both the ITU full rate (G.992.1), and G.lite (G.992.2) specifications.