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 June 27, 2000
Palm Enhances Expansion Support In Its Handheld Operating System

 Palm, Inc. today announced that it will provide enhanced support for multiple expansion standards in its premier handheld operating system. The new expansion architecture, to be delivered in future versions of Palm OS software, extends the flexibility of the Palm OS platform, the most robust platform for mobile information management. All Palm OS licensees will have the option to use the new technology to integrate any of the leading expansion standards into their products. Additionally, Palm OS application developers will be able to add support for expansion across Palm OS products, regardless of the particular expansion card technology in the product.

The expansion architecture supports the Secure Digital (SD) Card, Sony's MemoryStick(tm) storage technology, Compact Flash, Handspring's Springboard modules, and external expansion options for current Palm brand handhelds.

"We are aggressively focused on enhancing our operating system by incorporating support for premier expansion standards and other technologies that enhance the solutions we provide for our customers," said Alan Kessler, chief operating officer of platform and products of Palm, Inc. "By supporting industry-standard solutions, we allow customers to choose elegant handheld products which address their specific needs in a variety of form factors, and will promote even broader adoption of Palm powered handhelds."

Expansion cards offer flexible solutions that can provide both data storage and I/O access. Handheld products equipped with expansion cards could enable users to make backup copies of their data; access digital media like electronic books, maps or MP3 files; or use a Bluetooth-enabled card for wireless connectivity. The new architecture will integrate expansion seamlessly into the platform creating a similar user experience for expansion cards across Palm OS products. Palm OS applications which include expansion card functionality will work across all Palm OS devices and expansion cards.