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 July 04, 2000
Motorola Signs $48M Contracts With Telesp Celular Network in Sao Paulo

 Motorola do Brasil Ltda. and Telesp Celular have signed two new contracts totaling $48 million for the expansion of the cellular telephone network in the state of Sao Paulo. One contract includes the supply of more than 160 Radio Base Transponders to extend coverage to over 370,000 subscribers in the cities of Campinas, Piracicaba, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Araraquara, Aracatuba, Sao Jose dos Campos, Taubate and Caraguatatuba.

The second contract is for the supply of seven interworking units (IWUs), to meet Internet usage demand from the cities of Campinas and Sao Jose dos Campos. The installation of this equipment will permit Telesp Celular subscribers to access the Internet and other data access services. This represents the first step toward the implementation of future third generation (3G) services.

"These contracts not only represent new business being generated for Motorola and the prospect of further growth for the company in Brazil, but also an investment in the growth of the cellular telephony market in the state of Sao Paulo, as well as the strengthening of the partnership between Motorola and Telesp Celular" said Jose Figueroa, Vice President and General Manager of Motorola, Inc.'s Network Solutions Sector's Latin America and Caribbean Region.

"Motorola's Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital technology has significantly supported the improvement of the services provided by Telesp Celular," said Gilson Rondinelli, Telesp Celular Vice President of Business and Networking.