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 July 13, 2000
Galileo International's Intranet Ranked Among The Top 50 in The World

 Galileo International has been named a 2000 Web Business 50/50 Award winner for its Intranet, electronic galileo (e.g.) by CIO magazine. The award program recognizes innovative Web initiatives by organizations around the world. The July 1 issue of CIO honors the top 50 Internet sites and top 50 Intranets that demonstrate a keen ability to blend technology and design with the needs of target audiences.

In its cover story, the publication states, "Galileo revamped its Intranet after more than 400 employees surveyed said they wanted easier navigation, better search capabilities and more current information. Data posted on the site is managed at the department level, allowing hundreds of employees around the world to develop content."

A panel of 19 CIO magazine editors, writers, art designers and Web development experts reviewed more than 200 nominated Intranet sites, using highly descriptive entry application forms that detailed the functional importance of each site.

"Our Intranet, e.g., is a valuable and growing source of information for our employees, and is helping to increase knowledge sharing and communication between Galileo workgroups," said Andrea Steffy, Galileo's vice president, Corporate Relations. "With its increased use, our employees are better informed and can work more efficiently."

Galileo's Intranet, created in 1996, took on a new name and design last November. As e.g., Galileo's Intranet has increased in scope and use with over 90 unique departmental sites now accessible. "With the revitalization of the Intranet, a growing number of employees are sharing their knowledge and expertise with others at the company. As more workgroups recognize the benefits of using e.g., the number is expected to rise," said Steffy.

CIO magazine is published by CXO media, Inc., an executive research company, serving corporate officers who use technology in their business.