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 July 17, 2000
Amadeus Releases New Building Block For E-Commerce

 Amadeus has announced the global release and roll-out of Version 2.0 of its API (Application Programming Interface). This follows the successful implementation of launch client Gradient Solutions, which is now interfacing its CyberCRS+booking engine with the Amadeus GDS.

Amadeus API v2.0 makes it easy for developers using XML (extensible mark-up language) or C language to set up dynamic links with Amadeus' powerful travel reservation and booking engine. In addition to Gradient Solutions, customers now using Amadeus API v2.0 include Austrian Airlines, German travel group TUI and South American airline LanChile, with more users to follow in the coming weeks.

A mark-up language for documents containing structured information, XML has fast become the standard language for the development of travel Web sites and client-server applications such as travel agency front-, mid- and back- office systems. Amadeus API v2.0 makes it simple for developers working in XML or C to access the Amadeus system and use it to power travel Web sites.

Available in 3 'flavours' to work across the most commonly used platforms (including UNIX and Windows NT), Amadeus API v2.0 is delivered and supported by Amadeus's DAP (Developers Assistance Program) unit which gives development companies the advice and information they need to get the most from Amadeus' products. In addition, these companies have access to a developer hotline and up-to-the-minute comprehensive online documentation.

Gradient Solutions, the Dublin based travel e-commerce specialist that develops and hosts customized Web solutions for major travel companies and airlines (including 7 of Europe's top 10 national carriers), was the launch client for Amadeus API v2.0. Gradient used it to transfer Austrian Airlines booking sites - AirManager for business travelers and AirNet for leisure travelers as well as the Flightplanner (flight scheduler and timetable) - to the Amadeus GDS.

"We have been working with the Amadeus API V2.0 since its inception and we are delighted to be the first booking engine provider to put the new API into production." said Gerry Samuels, joint CEO and Commercial Director of Gradient Solutions. "The migration to Amadeus of Austrian Airlines Internet booking tools, developed by Gradient, highlights the adaptability of our CyberCRS+booking engine. Gradient retained the business logic and public front-end of the Web site, whilst seamlessly migrating from another GDS to Amadeus at the back-end."

Philippe Chérèque, Amadeus Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy, commented: "The API is the basic building block to connect a travel Web site to the Amadeus GDS. We are again providing a flexible and highly customisable tool to allow seamless integration of the customer interface with the reservations engine for the XML environment.

"Following the success of Amadeus API v1.0, which currently has over 40 customers, the new API v2.0 strengthens our position in the e-commerce travel distribution channels. Now that XML has become the main development language for travel Web sites it follows that we give these programmers a direct way to access and integrate Amadeus into their businesses."