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 July 27, 2000
Indonesia's Telkomsel And Motorola Sign Nationwide GSM Deal

 Indonesia's largest cellular network operator, Telkomsel, has awarded Motorola, Inc.'s Network Solutions Sector (NSS) an expansion contract worth $27 million to upgrade its nationwide GSM900 cellular network. The deal includes hardware, software and services that are to be awarded in stages.

The technology being implemented in Indonesia is Motorola's latest BSS Horizon technology. The flexibility of Horizon will allow Telkomsel to further expand toward GPRS and third generation (3G) wireless technologies in the future.

Telkomsel is making up for a two-year lag without any network expansion due to the economic crisis that hit that region during 1998-1999. "It is important for developing nations like Indonesia to keep up with advanced technologies such as the ones that Telkomsel and Motorola will offer our customers," said Mulia Tambunan, Telkomsel chief executive officer. "Not only will we be providing better services, but we hope to grow our subscribers by at least 600,000 this year," said Tambunan.

Since 1995, Telkomsel has operated Motorola base station system (BSS) equipment on the sprawling archipelago of Indonesia that once was known to traders as the Spice Islands. Telkomsel currently operates in major consumer areas such as Jakarta, West Java, Kalimantan, and Menado. Its plan for the year 2000 is to deploy 400 new base transceiver station (BTS) sites in Indonesia and to increase subscriber base.