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 July 28, 2000
Motorola, Cisco Systems Establish Invisix Asia Pacific Inc. Tokyo

 Cisco Systems, Inc. and Motorola, Inc. announced today that their joint venture, Invisix Inc., a Delaware Corporation, which established a subsidiary, Asia Pacific Inc. in Tokyo, Japan, in March, 2000, will start operations in a new InvisixTM Centre of Excellence in Asia Pacific. Through this joint venture, these two global companies are continuing their work together on the construction and marketing of Internet protocol (IP)-based mobile communications systems. Such systems can obviate the need for switching equipment 1/8such as that used in telephone exchanges 3/8 by relying exclusively on IP for the routing of call data. At the same time it was also announced that Mr. Arata Hirao will be elected as President and Representative Director of Invisix Asia Pacific Inc.

Motorola and Cisco have already established three similar centres in Europe and North America. Heading the list is the Stockley Park (London), England, center established in December, 1999, followed by centers in San Jose, California, and Fort Worth, Texas, earlier this year. The Tokyo center will serve as the main center for the Asian Pacific. As a result of these four Centres of Excellence facilities worldwide, Invisix has developed a sophisticated global network structure, and can manage the different mobile telephony technologies that are standard in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and other regions around the world.

Motorola and Cisco established the Tokyo Invisix Centre of Excellence to drive IP-based mobile communications in Japan. Japan is a world leader in the use of cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other wireless communications equipment, and is looking to make IP-based wireless Internet services the de facto communications standard.

Invisix Asia Pacific Inc. will drive development of system integration, including business-modeling, project planning and system design, as well as system construction.

"By 2003, more than a billion people world-wide will be using the Internet, and most of them are expected to have wireless access. The wireless market is growing at 'Internet speed', offering our industry incredible potential," said Mr. Bo Hedfors, executive vice president of Motorola, Inc., and president of the Network Solutions Sector.

Although located in Tokyo, the Invisix Asia Pacific Centre intends to be active throughout the Asian region. The company hopes to employ 35 people by June 2001, and intends to go global by sharing the solutions and services it develops with the other three Centres, and applying them to the European and North-American markets.