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 July 31, 2000
Rosenbluth International Blazes New Trail At NBTA

 Rosenbluth International, the established maverick of the corporate travel industry, continued to pioneer the future at the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) annual meeting and trade show, Los Angeles.

The company's booth featured a mechanical bucking bull and two nationally recognized professional saddle bronc riders, Jeremy and Zachary Crane, to demonstrate Rosenbluth International's ability to buck trends. Rosenbluth International has a history of blazing trails, with a line of technology firsts, and was recently named one of C10 magazine's "Leaders for the Next Millennium" as part of the l999 CIO-lO0. The professional cowboys are symbolic of the company's history blazing the trail into uncharted territories, similar to the cowboys of the Wild West.

"Rosenbluth International has always led the way with our quality service, innovative ideas, and technology," said Hal F. Rosenbluth, chairman and CEO, Rosenbluth International. "We've been the trailblazers, offering real, long-term solutions for our clients. We've pioneered new products and services to deliver savings and convenience to our clients and their travelers and we'll continue to do so."

At NBTA, Rosenbluth International debuted two more ways to pioneer the future and explore new territory - Rosenbluth Everywhere, a comprehensive global travel portal, and Rosenbluth Mobile, the company's vision for keeping travelers connected through a variety of gateways. These new offerings, in addition to the company's other industry-leading technology solutions, demonstrate Rosenbluth International's pioneering history. Some of the trailblazing technology showcased includes:

- Rosenbluth Mobile, Rosenbluth International's vision to enable universal access via multiple gateways. Since 1996, when the company first developed Palm Pilot applications including frequent flyer tracking and maps, Rosenbluth International has been leading the way in mCommerce. Current Rosenbluth Mobile applications include:

... Rosenbluth Mailbox- providing a structured e-mail template to request travel reservations.
... Rosenbluth @Hand- allowing travelers to submit air, car, and hotel requests from their personal digital assistant (PDA).

- Rosenbluth Everywhere, Rosenbluth International's comprehensive travel portal, offers online reporting, expense management, and other tools for travel managers as well as online booking, electronic messaging, expense management, and other online services to travelers, including customizable content. Rosenbluth International has been a pioneer with its portal strategy since l999, when the company developed a portal for one of its clients, a leading software provider.

- DACODA (Discount Analysis Containing Optimal Decision Algorithms), Rosenbluth International's patented reverse yield management system, analyzes multiple complex parameters to deliver optimal airline contracts and optimal ticket-by-ticket purchasing. Since 1994, Rosenbluth International has had the only client yield management system.

- Rosenbluth International's Web-based online booking tool integrates with a company's travel management program. Since 1992, Rosenbluth International has pioneered the future of online booking, as the first company to begin development of an agentless reservation tool.

- VISION@Rosenbluth, Rosenbluth International's Web-based reporting tool delivers comprehensive travel data to the desktop, enabling companies to better understand and manage travel programs. Rosenbluth International began driving the travel industry towards better end-user reporting in 1985, with the development of an independent back office system designed to simplify desktop reporting for its clients.

"With our latest innovations, Rosenbluth Everywhere and Rosenbluth Mobile, and patented offerings like DACODA, Rosenbluth International continues to lead the industry with unparalleled vision and delivery," said John Dabek, chief information officer, Rosenbluth International. "In addition to making travel more convenient for travelers and travel managers, our newest applications help companies make the most of the latest technology." Recent studies show that wireless appliance use will dramatically outpace wired in the next five years.