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 July 31, 2000
Rosenbluth International Innovative Travel Portal

 Rosenbluth International, the travel management company known as the Thought Leaders in Travel, was again breaking new ground with the announcement July 31 of its new travel portal, Rosenbluth Everywhere, at the National Business Travel Association Annual Convention and Trade Show, Los Angeles.

Rosenbluth Everywhere, developed as an access point to Rosenbluth International products and services, is a comprehensive travel portal that provides travel managers, travel arrangers, and travelers with online and e-mail booking options, profile management, travel and non-travel related content, company specific integration components (including special events, meetings, and directories), customer service capabilities, Web collaboration, e-mail chat services and other tools, all customizable based on individual and company preferences as well as travel policy.

Recent studies show that wireless appliance growth will dramatically outpace wired in the next five years. This portal was created with the future in mind - to provide a convenient way for travelers and travel managers alike to have the convenience of information at their fingertips, utilizing both electronic and mobile devices.

"Rosenbluth International continues to provide innovative thinking and prescriptive solutions for our clients. Soon, wireless will become the primary choice of connectivity in the marketplace and we plan on staying ahead of the curve," said John Dabek, chief information officer, Rosenbluth International. "We're taking the initiative and looking toward the e-volution of the travel industry."

The company also introduced Rosenbluth Mobile, which offers universal access to Rosenbluth International via several gateways, including:

-Rosenbluth Mailbox- providing a structured e-mail template to request travel reservations.

-Rosenbluth @Hand - allowing travelers to submit air, car, and hotel requests from their personal digital assistant (PDA).