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 August 01, 2000
Rosenbluth International Focuses on Smart Cards & Beyond At NBTA 2000

 Rosenbluth International highlighted its history of trailblazing and bucking trends within the travel industry through its booth and presentations at the National Business Travel Association (NBTA) Annual Convention and Trade Show, Los Angeles.

Danamichele Brennen, vice president and chief travel scientist, Rosenbluth International, discussed global applications of smart cards and the evolution towards future technology during the educational session titled, "Smart Cards: A Global Perspective."

Brennen's presentation focused on the growth of smart cards and the successful application of this technology around the world. The presentation included reference to a 1999 white paper titled "An Overview of Smart Card Opportunities in the Travel Industry," which was developed at the Rosenbluth International Smart Card Summit, a collaboration of selected current and former partners in The Continuum - North America, Rosenbluth International's travel science laboratory.

"While smart cards have some very significant applications in use today in various countries, we found that a great deal of what travelers and travel managers wanted to accomplish with smart cards included increased mobility and easier travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management," said Brennen. "However, there's also new technology, like wireless Internet, wireless application protocol (WAP) devices, and short-messaging transmission standards, that are being used to make some of this functionality a reality on a global basis."

Rosenbluth International has led the way in exploring these new directions in technology. At NBTA, the company introduced Rosenbluth Everywhere, a comprehensive global travel portal, and Rosenbluth Mobile, the company's vision for connecting travelers to Rosenbluth International through a variety of gateways including personal digital assistants (PDAs).