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 August 08, 2000
Palm Announces Four New Products

 Palm, Inc. has announced four innovative handheld computer products designed to reach new users and aficionados alike, all featuring enhancements that further leverage Palm's ease-of-use design philosophy. The new products include the Palm(tm) m100 handheld with intuitive new applications and fashionable casing that is customizable with multicolored faceplate accessories; the Palm VIIx handheld, an updated version of Palm's built-in wireless product with more memory and wireless content available right out of the box; and two sleek limited edition Palm Vx products, offered with "millennium blue" and "champagne" metallic finishes.

Each of the new products premieres alongside a suite of accessories and hardware snap-ons that personalize the look or tailor the functionality of the Palm handheld into a specialized tool. In addition, customers who purchase new products between now and Sept. 30 are eligible to receive a free "Road Scholar" CD, featuring a selection of 11 research and educational applications that make a Palm handheld an integral learning tool.

"Our fall lineup is a treat for new and experienced Palm handheld users, and extends our suite of solutions," said Alan Kessler, chief operating officer of platform and products for Palm, Inc. "People have come to understand and appreciate that the handheld computer is a fundamental support tool for managing their professional and personal lives more efficiently. This new lineup of products addresses the needs of an even broader spectrum of users and further rounds out the family of Palm handhelds - all with Palm's signature simplicity and elegance."

Fashionable, User-Friendly Handheld Products

The Palm m100 handheld is Palm's new entry-level product, featuring a contemporary, customizable design and a new Note Pad application, for jotting quick freehand notes, maps or drawings. Debuting at an estimated street price of $149, it is the company's lowest introductory price point to date. (See "Palm Brings Fashion Flair, Easy-to-Use Applications to New Palm m100 Handheld" also released today.)

For customers on the move, Palm introduced the Palm VIIx handheld, an update to the popular Palm VII model, with built-in wireless access to the Internet and wireless messaging. Right out of the box, the 8MB Palm VIIx product offers four times the memory and enables nearly double the wireless content of its predecessor. Content via the Palm.Net service is available in six categories: shopping, travel and entertainment, news and sports, financial, communication and reference and directories. With the added memory, users can install any of the 400-plus Web clipping applications for accessing the best of the Internet via a Palm handheld. These applications are available for free download from the Palm.Net(r) site located at www.Palm.Net. The estimated street price for the Palm VIIx handheld is $449.

Palm also introduced two limited edition Palm Vx handhelds with "millennium blue" and "champagne" aluminum casings. These limited edition products are available to U.S. customers only for $399, exclusively from Palm's on-line store at The limited edition Palm Vx products can take advantage of all existing Palm V series product peripherals and accessories, including cases, keyboards and snap-on modems.

Valuable Hardware Peripherals and Snap-Ons

The Palm Ethernet Cradle, which also began shipping today, provides a direct network access point from public locations throughout a corporate campus environment. A 10Mbps single-slot device, the cradle connects users to corporate databases via the local network. The cradle can be placed in lobbies, conference rooms, training centers, labs, cafeterias, or other shared spaces where it offers a network access point for mobile workers located on the corporate campus, eliminating the need for desktop synchronization. Designed for use with Palm III and Palm VII series handhelds, and IBM WorkPad 20X and 30X handhelds, the Palm Ethernet Cradle is available from selected Palm resellers with an ESP of $249.

Palm also announced the PalmModem(r) Connectivity Kit, an enhanced dial-up connectivity solution for existing Palm III series handhelds and selected other products. The kit includes a 33.6 BPS snap-on modem and a set of e-mail applications, AOL Mail and MultiMail Pro, and Yahoo! Messenger, an instant messaging application. This product will be available through Palm resellers in late Aug.

The Palm Ethernet Cradle and the PalmModem Connectivity Kit join the list of hardware peripherals available from Palm and more than 1,000 third party hardware developers. Snap-on accessories turn Palm handheld computers into specialized productivity tools, ranging from a global positioning system receiver to a complex scientific measurement instrument to a digital camera.

Special "Road Scholar" CD Promotion

Just in time for back-to-school, Palm is offering U.S. customers a free "Road Scholar CD," a compilation of 11 software applications that will enhance a Palm handheld as a powerful learning and research tool. The CD includes an assignment and class manager to help students juggle homework and extra-curricular activities, reference materials, test preparation software and even an application to track student loans and manage finances throughout the semester. Non-students will find the advanced calculator, research applications and unit converter valuable in both professional and personal situations.

The Road Scholar CD is available to all customers who purchase any Palm handheld from authorized resellers or Palm directly between now and Sept. 30.

Product Line Pricing

In conjunction with the new product introductions, Palm has reduced prices on some of its existing products. Palm's color display product, the Palm IIIc handheld, and the Palm VII product both have been re-priced resulting in an ESP of $399, down from $449. The ESP remains unchanged for the two remaining models: Palm Vx at $399 and the Palm IIIxe at $249.