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 August 08, 2000
Motorola & InterSystems To Develop Solutions For Air Transport Industry

 Motorola has announced a strategic business agreement and equity investment in InterSystems, a subsidiary of the Formula Group, to expand its delivery of comprehensive integrated solutions for airline and airport customers.

The companies conducted extensive market research and customer interviews to develop a comprehensive solution that combines Motorola's telecommunications and systems-integration expertise with InterSystems' next-generation airport-management applications and operational database software.

Motorola and InterSystems are engineering the advanced solutions to decrease airline and airport expenditures by placing real-time information in the hands of mobile resources at various locations across the airport.

The solutions will enable various airline and airport teams to receive, monitor or report information in real-time, resulting in improvements in multiple areas such as on-time departures, customer service, ground handling, cargo and baggage handling.

Motorola's Airline and Airport Solutions business focuses its efforts on providing value-added integrated solutions that gather key operational information from customer networks and present the information over wired and wireless networks to mobile devices.

Drawing from many years of complex systems integration work, Motorola is applying this experience to integrate disparate legacy systems with new technology, yielding highly reliable business-critical solutions for the airline and airport industry.

"This relationship has wide implications for the airline and airport market due to the growing need to access real-time information over wireless devices to improve operational performance," said Mike Gaumond, vice president and general manager of the Motorola Market Solutions Division.

"The combination of InterSystems' expertise and recent development work in information management, combined with Motorola's systems-integration and advanced communications technologies will provide our airline and airport customers with the competitive advantage of accessing necessary information from anywhere in the airport."

InterSystems develops software applications that are tailored to increase efficiency, maximize airport business potential and generate new revenue opportunities for airports worldwide. The InterSystems product line consists of RapidAIMS, a powerful airport information management system that includes a suite of modular software applications.

InterSystems will continue its operations worldwide, and will begin joint development activities with the Motorola Market Solutions Division in Scottsdale.

"InterSystems has made a strategic decision to expand the reach of our IT solutions in view of the impact of future trends in the telecommunications and wireless data arena on the airport industry," said Yami Tarsi, chief executive officer and president, InterSystems.

"We are proud to have the opportunity to form a strategic business alliance with one of the technological leaders in the global telecommunications industry. Together, we will provide new possibilities to offer the most advanced solutions for our customers by providing the tools to become more efficient and increase their revenue streams."

"Our combined offering is in development now and will be ready for beta site evaluation in the fourth quarter of the year," said Paul Wright, director, Motorola Airline and Airport Solutions. "We intend to get this technology in the hands of airlines and airports in the first half of 2001.

"Motorola made this investment specifically to accelerate the introduction of this solution. This partnership will bring expanded capabilities to the airline and airport industry where current business volume has outpaced the technology required to effectively grow revenues and profit."