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 August 22, 2000
Jataayu Launches India's First WAP Browser

 Jataayu Software Ltd, a subsidiary of Integra Micro Systems (Pvt)Ltd, a leading Bangalore-based software company has unveiled Jataayu WAP Browser for the PalmOS platform.The Jataayu Browser is Indiaís first Palm based browser which will provide access to WML content on the PalmOS based devices and enable users top build applications ranging from Internet e-mail and messaging to mobile banking , stock trading and other mobile commerce services.

The WAP browsers or the WAP clients are similar to the Internet clients or the web browsers and interpret on how to handle present the information and what these can handle. Unlike the Internet clients, the WAP browser may not be able to select a client.This is because the WAP clients are not obviously visible - the manufacturer embeds them into wireless devices.

One could make request for information or service by using the built-in WAP browser in a WAP compliant mobile device.The request is then passed onto a WAP gateway that then retrieves the information from an Internet Server either in Standard HTML or WML (Wireless Mark-Up language) specifically prepared for Wireless terminals.The requested information is then sent from the WAP gateway to the WAP client using whatever network bearer services is available and most appropriate.

Full WAP compliance has been one of the goals behind the designing of Jataayu's WAP client.Integra's WAP client can be used by the Application developers without the restrictions of a device and validate their applications against the WML specifications. The WAP browser which works on Palm OS currently, may soon become available on other popular operating systems.

Jataayu is offering SMS Services and SMS push to address non-WAP phones and non-availability of push phones.The company is committed to implementing newer specifications and emerging carriers like GPRS.

According to Mahesh Jain,Managing Director, Integra Micro Systems, "Jataayu's WAP strategy at the moment is to build up a strong presence in the Indian market and use that to target the worldwide market. As for the world market, we have got the Jataayu WAP Stack already licensed to a US based software development house. Jataayu is also looking for strategic tie-ups for both domestic as well as export markets".

Integra played an instrumental role in the creation of IWIN ( India's WAP Initiative), the objective of which is to represent Indiaís interest in the International WAP Forum.Currently IWIN has 150 members and is likely to rise to 500 in the short term. Jataayu had earlier in the year launched its Jataayu range of WAP gateway/server targetted towards the personal, corporate , portal and carrier markets. the Personal WAP Server, Enterprise WAP Server and the Carrier WAP Server. and became the fourth Company in the world to so after Nokia, Ericsson, and Phone,com.The Jataayu range of WAP Servers are a highly efficient and portable solution available on a variety of UNIX platforms and Windows NT.

To provide advanced encryption for the Jataayu WAP-Server and the gateway software, Jataayu has entered into an alliance with Certicom, the US-based encryption technology provider.

Jataayu's WAP related Client list includes Hutchinson Max(Orange) BPL Mobile, Airtel and Escotel among the service providers. And among the portals it is Rediff, sharekhan, Netxcell. Banks like ICICI and IOB also add to Integraís clientele list. Some of Integra's overseas clients include JPSystems(USA), StarSearch (UK), Siemens (Italy).

Integra MicroSystems specializes in the area of Networking, Imaging, Communications and Client/Server applications.Also, the company offers sales &support services in LINUX and project consulting(Internet, poratal development and e-commerce applications) and ISP consulting(Re-structuring search-engines,etc for scalability and efficiency).

Other Internet and Telecom related work from Integra includes-hybrid Internet, Internet broadcast and a cordless telephone for a PC.Integra has also to its credit the launch of India's first WAP enabled site