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 August 23, 2000
New Sprint PCS Wireless Web for Business

 Sprint today introduced Sprint PCS Wireless Web for Business, a full suite of wireless data products and services offering clear, wireless access to enterprise content and applications, including corporate e-mail, Intranets, corporate directories, and sales and service eBusiness tools via Internet-ready Sprint PCS Phones. To develop and jointly deliver the new services for business, Sprint PCS has formed alliances with leading application providers and systems integrators, including Lotus, Wireless Knowledge, Siebel Systems, Sabre Holdings Corporation and PeopleSoft. Additionally, the new business suite includes faster wireless Internet access comparable to landline dial-up access of 56.6 kbps. The new products and services will be available to businesses nationwide next month.

"One year ago, we led the industry with the nationwide launch of Sprint PCS Wireless Web, which included the ability to use an Internet-ready Sprint PCS Phone as a wireless modem when connected to a laptop or other handheld computing device. Since that time, our national business accounts have grown 285 percent - a significant achievement in the enterprise arena," said Ronald T. LeMay, interim president of Sprint PCS and COO and president of Sprint Corporation. "Now, we're excited to build on the tremendous consumer success of the Wireless Web with the introduction of the Sprint PCS Wireless Web for Business. Once again, Sprint PCS is leading the industry with higher-speed wireless data connection and wireless access to mission-critical business applications in real time."

Fast, Secure Internet/Corporate Network Connections

Two new connection solutions provide faster and more secure access to the Internet and corporate networks via a Windows-based laptop. The Sprint PCS Wireless Web Enhanced Internet Connection enables business customers to access the Internet in a matter of seconds using an Internet-ready Sprint PCS Phone as a wireless modem. A combination of new bandwidth optimization technology on the Sprint PCS Network and Sprint PCS Dialer 2.0(TM) software provides faster access - comparable to a 56.6 kbps landline dial-up connection. The Sprint PCS Wireless Web Private Network Connection extends the corporate network wirelessly while maintaining existing security. This provides mobile workers with fast, secure, virtually instant wireless access to their corporate network. In about 20 seconds or less, employees can connect to the Internet or their corporate network and access key information between or during meetings, sales calls, hotels and plane flights.

Relevant Wireless Business Solutions

Sprint PCS will offer turnkey solutions to enterprises that will provide access to content and applications behind a corporation's firewall directly on the browser of Internet-ready Sprint PCS Phones. At launch, the Wireless Web for Business will include:

* Corporate E-mail/Information Management (Wireless Knowledge, Lotus) - real-time, wireless access to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes e-mail, schedules and contacts.
* Corporate Directory Services (PeopleSoft) - real-time, wireless access to a corporate directory that can pull information from a variety of sources.
* Corporate Travel Services (Sabre) - real-time, wireless access and the ability to receive and modify personalized corporate travel information via a direct link to major corporate travel providers.
* Sales and Field Service Applications (Siebel Systems) - real-time, wireless access to customer account information, and the ability to review and update sales opportunities, inquire about products, services and order status, and respond to time-critical service activities directly on the handset minibrowser.

Previously announced alliances with IBM, HAHT Software, DataChannel and Brience also enable Sprint PCS to provide custom solutions to businesses interested in extending existing applications and systems to Internet-ready Sprint PCS Phones - without changing or adding to their legacy Web infrastructure. In addition to the companies and functionality listed above, Sprint PCS will continue to add alliance partners.

Customized Page For Business

Later this year, Wireless Web for Business will offer a custom link on the Sprint PCS Wireless Web Browser that provides employees with a single location to access e-mail, sales tools, travel services, corporate directories, as well as other corporate content, applications and sites identified by the company.

Multiple Connection Devices

New connection devices, such as the Sprint PCS Wireless Web Modem by Sierra Wireless and the Sprint PCS Wireless Connection Card Kit by Socket Communications provide "slotted-device" options for easier, faster wireless connections to the Internet or corporate networks.

* The Sprint PCS Wireless Web Modem is a CDMA digital PC card that fits into a standard Type II slot on a laptop running Microsoft Windows. The Wireless Web Modem enables customers to dial into a corporate network or the Internet without using a wireless phone and data cables. For heavy users of Wireless Web Connection services, the card is an ideal solution for added convenience and simplicity. The Wireless Web Modem has its own telephone number, so customers can use their Sprint PCS Phone for other purposes while accessing the Internet or their corporate network on a laptop. By using the Add-a-Phone option, customers will receive one invoice for both wireless numbers and share minutes in their plan between their Sprint PCS Phone and Wireless Web Modem.
* The Sprint PCS Wireless Connection Card Kit enables connection of Sprint PCS Phones to multiple handheld computing devices and Windows or non-Windows based laptops. Kits will be available for Windows CE devices, Pocket PCs, Windows notebooks and Apple Macintosh portables. This kit also comes with an adapter that fits into a standard Type II slot on a laptop or other handheld computing device, freeing up the serial port for fax and printer use.

Free Promotional Offer And Unlimited Browsing

Beginning Sept. 1, 2000, qualified business customers on a $49.99 and above Free & Clear Plan can receive unlimited use of the Wireless Web Browser for an additional $40 per month, or they can purchase the Wireless Web Option for $10 per month and use all their monthly minutes for voice or data services. Additionally, new business customers activating on a $49.99 and above Free & Clear Plan for a limited time may receive the Wireless Web Option free for six months. Offers will be available through December 31, 2000. For more information or to inquire about these offers, customers can call 1-888- 895-3819 or visit the Sprint PCS Web site at

"The Internet-ready Sprint PCS Phone has become a critical tool for business. By providing instant wireless access to vital corporate information, employees will be able to make decisions, stay connected, conduct transactions and maximize valuable time," said Charles Levine, chief sales and marketing officer for Sprint PCS. "As the front runner in providing clear, seamless wireless voice and data business solutions, Sprint PCS is committed to providing superior value, exceptional service and relevant solutions to help our business customers excel in the mobile environment. Access to information virtually anytime, anywhere on our nationwide wireless network provides a powerful competitive advantage to businesses that want to increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and cut costs."