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 September 19, 2000
OracleMobile and ScreamingMedia Partner - From Web to Wireless

 ScreamingMedia, the leading provider of content infrastructure, syndication and services, and OracleMobile, a division of Oracle Corp. focused on the wireless Internet industry, today announced a strategic alliance to develop and host wireless services for Web sites and content providers. The Standard, publisher of leading Internet Economy newsweekly The Industry Standard and business intelligence resource, will be the first customer of this alliance. The alliance will focus initially on providing wireless solutions to ScreamingMedia's rapidly expanding network of more than 1,100 subscribers, including Web sites and enterprises and over 2,800 publications.

Merrill Lynch estimates there will be 1.5 billion wireless subscribers by 2003. Content providers, having mastered the Internet as a digital content delivery medium, are now faced with the challenge of making their content accessible from the wide variety of wireless devices that are rapidly emerging. With this alliance, content providers can leverage the combined technologies of ScreamingMedia and OracleMobile to extend their reach from Web to wireless content distribution seamlessly. ScreamingMedia will provide its suite of content infrastructure solutions to integrate customers' content directly into OracleMobile's market-leading wireless site creation and hosting services.

"Every single member of our network-Web site, enterprise or content provider -wants to be available to its users, wherever they are. We're committed to the goal of wirelessly enabling them, and this alliance is a huge step forward," said Kevin Clark, CEO of ScreamingMedia. "OracleMobile's wireless site creation and hosting services are a truly scalable solution that integrates perfectly with our technology platform. OracleMobile brings world-class mobile services know-how to companies who are now ready to capitalize on the value that wireless technology can bring to their businesses."

"We are excited to be marrying our wireless service creation and hosting capabilities with the sophisticated content distribution and publishing capabilities of ScreamingMedia," said Denise Lahey, CEO of OracleMobile. "This strategic partnership will seamlessly provide any digital publisher with a one-stop solution for Web to wireless content distribution."

The Standard Goes From Web to Wireless

The Standard, a leading provider of news and information on the Internet Economy, is the first customer for this new wireless hosting service. The ScreamingMedia/OracleMobile alliance will wirelessly enable's site ( so that it is accessible from any Web-enabled device, including Web-phones, Palms and other handheld devices. The Standard's wireless content will also be immediately available from OracleMobile's free wireless portal at and from The Standard's wireless site at

"We were very impressed with the capabilities of ScreamingMedia and OracleMobile to deliver a global wireless solution with world-class service," said John Battelle, president, chairman and CEO of The Standard. "Our audience is made up of sophisticated business strategists who demand access to our content wherever they are, wired or wireless. We're confident that these partners will help us get it to them."