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 September 22, 2000
Palm V Handhelds To Receive GSM Data And Voice Connection

 Users of Palm V and Vx handhelds soon will be able to make and receive telephone calls using their handhelds through a sleek snap-on attachment. Palm, Inc. and RealVision today announced plans to provide the equipment that adds Web-enabled cellular phone capabilities to the popular Palm V series handhelds in Europe and Asia. The communications snap-on product will provide dual-band GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) connectivity to Palm V series handhelds, and an earphone jack to enable voice communications through a headset. The product is expected to be available in early 2001 for less than U.S. $299 when purchased in conjunction with a 1-year wireless service plan.

The GSM peripheral will include a wireless data and voice connection by snapping onto the serial port on the bottom of the Palm V series handhelds as a sled. Data functions include Palm Web-clipping applications and SMS (short message system) messaging. Voice and phone functions include manual phone dialing, dialing directly from Address Book records, call-forwarding, caller-ID and ear piece volume.

"Palm V handheld users in Europe and Asia will be able to talk with friends and colleagues in real time, without sacrificing the convenience of easy Net access and without fumbling for personal data," said Paul Ng, chief executive officer, RealVision. "Our GSM sled will allow those users to access a wide range of Internet content and harness the power of voice communication."

"Voice communication and wireless data connectivity are priorities for Palm and our development community," said Barry Cottle, chief operating officer for Content and Access at Palm, Inc. "This GSM sled will provide Palm V handheld users in Europe and Asia with a convenient method for voice interaction, as well as an elegant means to access Palm wireless services and Internet content."

Today more than 400 Web clipping applications deliver specified bits of information from the Web to an Internet-enabled Palm handheld quickly and simply.