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 September 26, 2000
Motorola Delivers the Future of Wireless Communications

 Today at the first day of the PCIA GlobalXChange, one of the leading wireless communications shows in the country, Motorola signaled a new direction in wireless technology with the unveiling of a range of breakthrough products and alliances that will help redefine the wireless world. From phones charting new territory with Bluetooth(tm) wireless technology, messaging devices that add voice capabilities and two-way radios that integrate digital navigation tools, Motorola is placing the latest breakthrough technology in the hands of consumers.

"Both our product strategy and the strong bench of strategic alliances we've created are proof that Motorola is truly a leader in providing end-to-end wireless communications solutions," said Janiece Webb, Motorola senior vice president and general manager of Motorola's Personal Networks Group. "It's about developing technology and tailoring it for today's society, from the emerging world of m-commerce to the growing need for consumers to have instantaneous connectivity."

Products That Deliver the Future, Faster

Motorola's first Bluetooth capable phone, the Motorola Timeport 270 phone, leads Motorola's collection of products making its debut at PCIA. Offering consumers one of their first opportunities to experience this new technology, the phone, when combined with the new Bluetooth Smart Module accessory and recently introduced Bluetooth PC card, completes the premier package of initial Bluetooth technology solutions. In addition to Bluetooth wireless technology, the Timeport 270 phone features an integrated hands-free speakerphone, a large graphical display and Motorola's first four-way "joy stick" navigation key. Bluetooth wireless technology is expected to revolutionize the personal connectivity market by providing links between mobile computers, mobile phones, other portable handheld devices and connectivity to the Internet without wired connections. This offering signifies Motorola's ongoing commitment to bring the limitless potential of Bluetooth wireless technology to fruition.

The new Timeport P8767 phone, another new wireless phone debuting from Motorola, offers users maximum display clarity with Tohoku Pioneer Corporation's patented Organic Electro-Luminescent technology. The green, red and blue text and icons appear on a black background, offering the user enhanced readability in most lighting conditions. With its WAP 1.1 microbrowser, the P8767 phone helps provide users with wireless access to weather forecasts(1), stock quotes(1), sports scores(1) and more from the Internet. Additional features include Starfish TrueSync(r) software for one-step, multipoint synchronization(2), tri-mode CDMA technology and an enhanced phonebook.

Two more products making their US debut at PCIA, the V Series(tm) V100 and the Accompli(tm) 009 personal communicators, bring the best of two worlds of communication - messaging and voice - together for dual communication functionality. With more than eight billion Short Message Service (SMS) messages(2) being sent each month on phones not truly designed for text messages, Motorola introduces two messaging products that provide full messaging capabilities with the added versatility of a phone.

The V100 personal communicator, which is expected to ship in Europe in the next month, combines a GSM phone, a full QWERTY keyboard, WAP Internet browser, address book, games and voice dialing to provide consumers with a distinctive, fun and easy to use communications solution.

The Accompli 009 personal communicator is the first GPRS messaging device with voice capability and a color display. With a WAP Internet browser, email(1) capability, PIM functionality with PC synchronization(2) and OS programmability, the Accompli 009 offers business users a full-featured communications solution for messaging and voice needs. The 009 is expected to be available in Europe in Q4 of 2000 and both the 009 and V100 are scheduled to be available in the US in Q1 of 2001.

Smart, Strategic Alliances

In addition to its industry-leading portfolio of products debuting at PCIA, Motorola is joining forces with more than two dozen strategic alliance partners to form the first-ever Motorola Alliance Pavilion at PCIA GlobalXChange. The pavilion is designed to showcase the latest technologies and feature solutions ranging from corporate application/enterprise offerings to wireless content, location services and personal networking. Exhibitors include 724 Solutions,, AirFlash,, APTE, AvantGo,, Bonita Software, CellMania, CenterPost, Certicom, HiddenMind Technology, iNetNow, Invisix,, Mastercard International,, OracleMobile, PacketVideo, Perceptual Robotics, Portal Software, Psion, SmartServ Online, SAP, SignalSoft, Telespatial, w-Technologies, WAM, Worldspan and Xybridge.

"This pavilion offers Motorola and our strategic alliances a venue to jointly communicate our joint wireless Web offerings to the carrier and business communities," said Kathy Van Buskirk, Director of Strategic Marketing, Business Development and Strategic Alliances, Motorola. "Through the wireless Web explosion, Motorola, along with our alliance members, will continue to work together to offer new business opportunities for our customers," she added.