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 October 06, 2000
Clearnet Introduces The Sanyo SCP-4500 Hands-Free Wireless Phone

 Clearnet Communications Inc. ("Clearnet") today introduced its newest dot com ready phone, the SANYO SCP-4500, a powerful hands-free communications device that features a built-in speakerphone, voice-activated dialing and a personal memo recorder.

"We've lead in the introduction of speakerphone capability to the Canadian wireless market, allowing our clients to call communicate hands-free whether they're on the move or making an impromptu conference call," said George Cope, Clearnet's President and CEO.

The SANYO SCP-4500, which operates on the digital Clearnet PCS network, and the Motorola i1000plus, which operates on Clearnet's digital Mike network, are the only phones in Canada that offer wireless speakerphone capability.

Exclusively available in Canada from Clearnet, the SANYO SCP-4500 also features voice-activated dialing for 30 names and numbers, a "voice ringer" that identifies names in the voice dialing memory and a memo recorder for recording callers or dictation. Battery performance offers up to four hours of standard talk time and up to 288 hours (or 12 days) of standby time.

To take advantage of Clearnet's new Wireless Web Services, the SCP-4500 also features a built-in microbrowser and a large five-line display. In September, Clearnet introduced Canada's first flat-rate wireless Internet service, allowing Clearnet PCS and Mike clients to surf interactive financial, news, directory, gaming and other Internet sites on their digital wireless phones for one low monthly fee.

"We are extremely pleased to expand our Clearnet partnership with the new SANYO SCP-4500," said Steven Eidelberg, Director of Sales and Marketing for SANYO Canada Inc. "The SANYO SCP-4500 is designed to take full advantage of both Clearnet's Wireless Web Services and its national network, and is the only phone in Canada that combines speakerphone and Voice Recognition dialing to create a true hands-free device."

SANYO SCP-4500 has a suggested retail price of $179.99 (a $30 rebate is available for new client activations until December 31, 2000) and is available at independent retailers and Clearnet's own locations across Canada