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 October 10, 2000
Aventail - Deloitte Consulting Build Worldwide Business Partner Network

 Deloitte Consulting had a large challenge - 15,000 Deloitte Consulting practitioners spent weeks at client sites and required access to critical internal applications and methodologies in order to provide the best service and solutions to their clients. But their traditional remote access methods were slow and frustrating for the consultants. Realizing the Internet was the answer, they began to search for a replacement method that would take advantage of the Internet to access their internal infrastructure.

Mike Dombrowski, director of technology infrastructure for Deloitte Consulting, and his group researched technology solutions that would give users access from any location using any device, such as desktops at a corporate site, airport kiosks or wireless products, before recommending the Aventail.Net managed service provided by Aventail Corporation, a leader in building and managing Business Partner Networks.

"The Aventail solution enables us to connect our consultants and our clients to our network in a very secure manner using a managed service," said Larry Quinlan, Deloitte Consulting's global CIO. "The Aventail.Net service gives us the ability to securely access internal applications, infrastructure, development systems and email anytime, anywhere, at much higher speeds than traditional dial up access - and Aventail got the system up and running in a short period of time without overloading our IT department's resources," said Mike Dombrowski.

Now that Deloitte Consulting has launched the Aventail.Net managed service, consultants in over 34 countries have instant, reliable and secure access to their internal applications including Microsoft Exchange, Broadvision, Ariba, Siebel and SAP from almost anywhere in the world where they have Internet access.

"We understand that completing projects on time and on budget is a key necessity within the consulting industry," stated Evan Kaplan, president and CEO Of Aventail Corporation. "Deloitte Consulting has long been considered one of the most forward-thinking of the Big 5 Firms. Their decision to focus on their core competencies and outsource their Business Partner Network to Aventail reiterates their understanding of the business requirements that can help build a successful company."

About the Aventail.Net Managed Service

The Aventail.Net managed service rapidly activates Internet-based Business Partner Networks. It is designed for progressive enterprises that need to manage large, dynamic partner and employee communities, require comprehensive Service Level Agreements, and on-demand deployment. The Aventail.Net service delivers the infrastructure for a Business Partner Network--allowing the right people to access the right resources--so that corporations can focus on their core competencies and business strategies. The Aventail.Net managed service incorporates Aventail's proven Aventail(r) Extranet Center-- business partner network software application.