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 November 08, 2000 Launches

 A new travel portal is heading in a very different direction from some of its major competitors.

The new philosophy behind the website is speed and ease of use. They have done away with any additional pictures, tips, videos, logos, unnecessary "trendy" gimmicks, and such like to create a website that anyone, anywhere, should find easy to use and extremely fast.

While a lot of websites are heading in the direction of broadband users and even with the mere mention of broadband grabbing attention from all quarters, the fact still remains that the majority of users on the internet, do not yet have broadband access.

Mr. Somkiat Matthews, PR and Business Development Manager of commented, "After reviewing our site numerous times before going live, we looked at the success stories of sites such as Google, that have used a simple and fast design, to attract customers. We are now using that same principle. There is no fluff, we sell hotels in Asia, and we deal with some of the best hotels in each destination. We are a site for people who know what they want and want to be able to find it quickly and as easily as possible." Mr. Somkiat continued, "Our biggest drive and goal will be the customer service, we will provide the clients wherever and whenever possible with useful tips and information on the country they are visiting once the booking has been made. As we are managed by a team of seasoned travel industry executives, we have a very good working knowledge of the hotels we sell. This is not so much about numbers but about quality." deals with each hotel directly and refuses to go through the major wholesale networks. With already over 100 hotels online in destinations of course, around Asia, they have already signed up another 60 who should be coming online within the next three months.