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 November 15, 2000
Nokia Unveils the Defining Phone for the New Wireless Generation

 Nokia, introduces the Nokia 3390 wireless phone, available in the first Quarter of 2001 through GSM dealers across Canada. With a simple, intuitive interface designed for the novice wireless user and powerful features included to satisfy the most experienced mobile phone expert, the Nokia 3390 is perfect for everyone. The abundance of personalization options built into the stylish and compact Nokia 3390 makes it the wireless phone designed for the single most important user: You.

Designed for the demanding new generation of wireless users, the Nokia 3390 brings the award-winning style of Nokia phones to every category of wireless users. The Nokia 3390 makes a bold fashion statement with smooth, flowing lines, backlit metallic keys and a contrasting bezel treatment that sets it apart from the crowd. Since this audience of young adult wireless users will not settle for typical stripped-down entry-level functionality, the Nokia 3390 comes equipped with a wide range of powerful and fun features.

With downloadable profiles, four exciting new games, mobile text and picture messaging, and changeable front and back covers, the 4.2 ounce (119 grams) Nokia 3390 (GSM 1900) builds upon the Nokia tradition of giving each user the ability to truly customize their phone. Listening to the desires of the new wireless generation to define themselves as individuals, the Nokia 3390 is the first handset in Canada to incorporate user changeable front and back Xpress-on(TM) Colour Covers, allowing the phone to be completely encased in the latest fashionable hues. In addition to the Dark Blue cover which comes standard on the Nokia 3390, each of the six optional colours, including Polar Blue, Himalaya White, Vesuvius Red, Iceberg Grey, Sahara Yellow and Arctic Silver, can be mixed and matched at will, resulting in 49 different combination possibilities.

Recognizing the popularity of custom backgrounds and screen savers with this computer-savvy market, the Nokia 3390 offers downloadable profiles which give the user a new way to differentiate their phone from the pack, both visually and audibly. After choosing and downloading a profile from the internet, a new screen saver and ring tune will be delivered over the air to the Nokia 3390 phone. Once accepted, that profile, along with standard profiles such as Outdoor, Meeting and Silent, will become a menu option on the phone.

An example of a downloadable profile could be a favourite sports anthem or theme song. Along with downloading the theme song as a ring tune, a screen saver of the team's logo would also be delivered and saved on the Nokia 3390 as a profile named after that particular sports team. For the most creative and individualistic customers, the Nokia 3390 includes an on-board ring tune composer, allowing for an infinite variety of ring tunes, from the simplest of beeps to the grandest of symphonies, to be created wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.

Proven world-wide as a popular communication method for the socially-active new generation of wireless users, mobile messaging, allows users to send short text messages from their Nokia 3390 to another mobile phone or to an e-mail address that is incorporated. Also designed into the Nokia 3390 is picture messaging which allows for a simple bitmapped picture to be attached to a text message in networks supporting the picture messaging functionality. Once a picture message is received, it can be saved in the phone for sending to another user, or used as a screen saver graphic. The Nokia 3390 also incorporates four new games, including Space Impact 2 and Snake 2 to help pass the time. Enhancing the gaming experience for a generation raised on video games is "vibra-shock", which provides tactile feedback to the user during a game session.

"With Nokia having pioneered the evolution of the mobile phone into a personal, stylish accessory, we were able to take our combined experience in the personalization of wireless products, and put all of the most demanded features into the Nokia 3390," said Lillian Tepera, Director of Marketing Communications, for Nokia Canada. "The Nokia 3390 gives consumers the freedom to transform each aspect of their phone into a reflection of themselves."

Features of the Nokia 3390 phone include:
- Predictive text input for fast and easy mobile messaging
- Exceptional performance times - up to 5.5 days standby and 2 hours 40 minutes of talk time with the standard battery
- Internal antenna for smooth, clean lines
- Internal vibrating alert for discreet calls and improved game play
- Voice dialing for easy calling
- Picture messaging
- Calendar with reminder notes for easy time management
- Full line of accessories to fit any lifestyle