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 November 13, 2000
Palm Makes Internet Personal and Portable with MyPalm Portal

 Palm, Inc. today announced the public beta version of a new, personal portal for Palm(TM) VII series handheld users. The MyPalm(TM) portal takes the expanse of the Internet and organizes just the information needed and wanted onto users' Palm handheld computers. Information is displayed in a format sized to the handheld's screen for easy, clear and virtually instantaneous access. This move represents a large step forward in Palm's vision of delivering personal information and the best of webbased content and access to a handheld device.

This portal which will go live by Dec. 25 gives handheld users unprecedented freedom from their desktops and unprecedented wireless access to personal accounts and websites of individual interest anytime in the United States and eventually in many other parts of the world. At the same time, Palm will remain true to its reputation for focusing on the user's experience by delivering intuitive ease of use and transparent technology.

"The work we have begun today takes a great handheld computer and combines it with the power of the wireless Internet. Users will be able to access the world's information in a way that is easy to use, fast, powerful and personally relevant," said Barry Cottle, chief operating officer, Content and Access, for Palm, Inc. "The MyPalm portal will deliver access to rich, dynamic, personal content, and it will free people from being tethered to a PC or office."

The MyPalm portal builds on Palm's reputation for great Personal Information Management (PIM) datebook, address, todo lists and memo functionality and takes those strengths to the web, where information can be managed dynamically and wirelessly.

"As the Internet becomes more ubiquitous, the demand for mobile and wireless control of a person's information and realtime content becomes critical to users on the go," said Tim Bajarin, president, Creative Strategies, Inc. "This new portal on a Palm handheld is a pioneering effort that shows that the company really understands the needs of Palm users and soon will give them a powerful connection that integrates personal information with webtailored content that can be accessed anytime and anywhere."

Part of the power behind the portal is Palm's recent acquisition of, a leader in webbased calendaring and event services. By providing time and locationbased services, users of the MyPalm portal will receive personally relevant information and purchase options on local and national events, such as movie listings and sporting event schedules, at home and on the road. By enhancing individual and groupcalendaring capabilities, family members, friends and colleagues who choose to share their calendars can always be current.

"Soon, for example, we'll reduce the everyday complexity of finding a mutually available hour for a meeting in a department of busy coworkers," Cottle said. "By sharing calendars and using the MyPalm portal, a meeting can be proposed and scheduled within minutes. What's more, a confirmed meeting can be automatically populated into everyone's calendars wirelessly within seconds. The time savings and productivity improvements possible are simply amazing."

To build more services into the personal portal, Palm worked with Google, a leading search engine that uses advanced technology to help users find the information they're looking for quickly and effectively, and Yodlee, the pioneer and leading provider of accountaggregation services.

"Teaming with Google and Yodlee helps create a powerful package of services we know our users will enjoy. Suddenly, time waiting in the lobby of a doctor's office or in a taxi stuck in traffic can become productive and useful," Cottle said. "Using Yodlee, you can manage your frequentflyer programs and choose the one that offers the most miles for a particular trip, do your personal banking and make stock trades all from one site with one password login. Using Google, you can access the World Wide Web and be assured a good experience."

MyPalm Portal in 2000

The MyPalm website, accessible at, provides an integrated experience that lets handheld users access a wide variety of new content and services. Users can download the beta MyPalm wireless application on Dec. 25. In the future, Palm handhelds will have the MyPalm software preloaded.

The MyPalm portal lets Palm handheld users extend the functionality of their handhelds with new features, including the following:

- wireless calendar refresh, which allows a user to check his or her calendar and instantly learn about changes made on the calendar at home or work;
- web searching through Google both wireless and on the web;
- a link to personal email accounts;
- wireless search, download, and organization of more than 450 web clipping applications;
- a single interface to review personal accounts through Yodlee;
- viewing and changing datebook, phone lists and todo lists on the web;
- automatic incorporation of personally relevant events to the webbased datebook, such as movie listings and sporting events;
- scheduling group meetings with work and personal groups; and
- receiving personal reminders.

The MyPalm Portal in the Near Future

In the near future, the MyPalm portal will provide users with rich new services. They will include the following:

- wireless group scheduling;
- automatic notification of calendar changes;
- integrated services within a user's datebook, such as maps and directions;
- full wireline and wireless synchronization;
- dynamic twoway content so users always have current calendars, fresh information and the latest news, synchronized with home or office;
- corporate email with notification;
- instant messaging;
- MyPalm info page with personalized information; and
- single login to access email, personal and group calendars, address books, event information and personal webbased accounts, such as those for banking and stock trading.